Enjoy your every day ♥

Im so inspired now, that I  dont know how to start this blog. How amazing it is, when there are people or events which can inspire and make you realize that you can fulfil your dreams and that feels great. When you just read or see something and you keep smiling just for nothing but it is everything for you in that moment.


Sometimes we all criticize ourselves and complain about some small problems that we have, ignoring what great things we really do have. Health, family, friends, life and the chance to live, the  possibility to change your life whenever we want. Not always we appreciate what we have. We complain that we fall out with our firends, when one just dont have any close person in his life. And sometimes we understand but dont accept it, the truth of life.
There is so much in this big world, that if we stop for a minute and think, we’ll understand that it doesnt worth wasting our life thinking about our “problems”.
There are so many wonderful places we havent been to. There are so many great people we havent met yet. There are so many happy, beautiful and amazing moments we havent live through them.


Sometimes we are too afraid to do what we want because of other peoples opinions, but it really doesnt deserve not to change your life doing what you really love and what makes you happy. Mistakes and falls will always be in our life, but it is better to try and not succeed than to give up without even starting what you like.
So always try to pursue your dreams, and change them into plans and than to reality. Travel even in your country or city, love, try to notice all the beautiful things that surround you, smile, ignore all the negative, cause life is short for letting them occupy your daily life and you mind, and finally do what you want to do and be happy. Yes, the simple sentence which everyone says, but doesnt have the courage to do. But  seriously, it works.
And finally, find things and people who will inspire you.


P.s. For my own part, now I am inspired by a blogger Sonya Esman, and the song, which I listen for already an hour-Oh Wonder-Shark Illenium Remix ^_^


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