Music on, Everything off.🎼🎶

Is it just for me, when listening to a three-minutes-song I feel all kind of emotions-from happiness to sadness? Am I the only one, who finds advice, medicine or just memories in one song? When you listen to some songs, you used to listen a couple of years or months ago and you remember every single day, person and even some smell connected with that period of your life. And you imagine some scenes and you see some photos in your mind and you just keep smiling like a crazy. And you know that you have to wake up early in the morning, but you just dont care and go on listening to the same old songs and singing with them even if you dont remember the lyrics properly. I dont think(well I hope), that I am the only one in this world who does it. Please say, that I am not.


And in a moment you realize that the songs that you listen, are listened by others, and the song you love, are loved by other people. And you keep trying to figure out whether they have the same sense, feelings and thoughts for others, or what others remember or think about while listening to this song. And it is sometimes weird to think about it or to realize that you think about it. And I know there are too many “and”-s in my writting, but, whatever.


You know what? Even if I am the only one, I really dont care, cause it’s my nature to do all the previously mentioned things. Yes, I am crazy. But I have a reason worth to be crazy. You guess what is it? Music. ❤


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