Fall Color Therapy 🧡

Those, who say that autumn is the greyest and dullest season of all, have probably never been outside in this season, and most likely never payed attention to the nature. Otherwise they wouldn’t say all that.

Nature is the only thing in this world that is absolutely perfect. It’s always in harmony with itself and with its inhabitants. And when it comes to seasons, they’re perfectly balanced as well. All that grayness and lack of sunlight of autumn is being compensated by the glorious colors of nature. There’s no other season that has such a variety of colors. Even spring, with all its beautiful flowers and blossoms can’t compete with autumn.

In last post, I wrote about things that help you get through this season. But I didn’t mention the most important step: color therapy. If you look in any psychological and scientific researches about seasonal depression, you’ll definitely see the term color therapy a lot. Each color has its own meaning and healing powers, and for autumn they’re the brightest ones among the whole color scheme(yellow, orange, red, mustard, burgundy etc), and they stand for positivity, energy, happiness, good mood etc. So surrounding yourself with those colors will definitely ease up this season for you.

The best part is that nature itself provides those colors , via various leaves and of course pumpkins. Pumpkins are the symbol of this season, and there can never be enough pumpkins. They come in all different shapes and colors, and together make the perfect combination, along with colorful leaves. They represent autumn harvest and wealth of nature.

If you’re thinking, well what’s the point of this post? It’s actually one of those “pointless blogs“, as I like to call them, not because they truly don’t have a point or something to say, just because it’s already a tradition to call these type of posts like that. It’s just about appreciating and enjoying the season with all its symbols and beauties. Just like spring with its cherry blossoms, and summer with sunflowers, autumn comes around with leaves and pumpkins. So if you’re indecisive about how to decorate your place for fall, or how to brighten up your mood, go for pumpkins and leaves, and you’ll never be wrong and it will help you enjoy autumn just a little bit more.



  1. Autumn is the best season for colours and that’s why it’s the favourite season for most of us. Well written with beautiful photos.💖🌹☺🙂


  2. The pics are beautiful, but where are the greens of the pines, the reds and purples of mums and the blues of the sky!?
    The Scripture says, “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” (1 John 1:5)
    A full spectrum light carries in it all the colors of the rainbow and even “colors” the human eye cannot see! It is a joy to serve a God who paints with such amazing beauty the caterpillar’s fuzz, the Monarch’s wings and the glorious sky! . . . oh, and of course, the pumpkin’s orange. 😉


    • thank you! haha, I didn’t happen to see those sadly! every color existing is amazing, I just like dividing them into seasonal ones, but still love all the colors, cause they look unique and beautiful!😍

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  3. Love the photos! Fall feels so uplifting to me. The pines remain green, the sky blue or gray, but the changing leaves are really what shines with so many colors. Thanks for showing them all. I call this an inspirational uplifting post 🙂


  4. I very much appreciate how you see the beauty in all the different colours our world shines for us. It also helps that “fire” is my favourite color, so all these oranges and yellows and mustards are wonderful to see! 😊

    Also, may 2022 bring many blessings for you and those nearest and dearest to you. 😊


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