Self-Care: How to Feel Good in Colder Seasons 🧖🏻‍♀️

Since the days are getting darker and colder, lots of people feel more tired or depressed, hence the term autumn depression. Our bodies and minds change along with one season changing into another, and sometimes that process causes us some troubles. I guess that’s why people hate autumn so much, cause they feel not the best.

I’ve always loved having and acquiring some new rituals and making good habits, that will help me feel fresh and more energetic, to be relaxed and just generally feel better. These aren’t some brand new ideas, that no one has ever heard before, but still somehow people forget about these things, while they can truly make your lives easier and your well-being much better. So let’s start.

1. Fresh Air and Sun. There’s always a lack of sunlight in the colder seasons, so whenever there’s a chance to spend some time outside, or even in a balcony or looking out of the window, take it. It’s good for your skin and organism, plus your mood will improve and your heart will feel warm, even if the weather’s cold. Same for the fresh air. Always remember to refresh your house/office, by opening all the windows and letting the cool air scare all the negative and heavy energies that are being accumulated throughout the day away. It’s especially good refreshing your house before sleeping.

2. Staying Active. You know I’m not the biggest fan of gyms. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like exercising. Sadly the majority of people only go to gyms in the warmer seasons in order to impress others with their great bodies. And once that season is over, so is their exercising, as who cares what you have under the multiple layers of clothes and sweaters. But staying active is really important all year round. Do a few stretching exercises in the morning and a little more intense workout in the evening. Go for long walks, not the short distance from the bus stop to your office, shopping mall or a cafe, but actual walking. Preferably somewhere far from the noisy center with all its smog. You’ll feel really energetic and relaxed at the same time.

3. Digital Detox. When instagram, facebook and whatsapp had a black out a week ago, lots of people felt so at easy and peaceful. They spent those few hours doing something they enjoyed and really liked that. Of course they forgot about how pleasant it is, spending some time without phones straight away, once it all started working again. But it is really important for our mental health (as well as the physical one), to have digital detox days or hours. Turn off the wifi and all notifications, so there’s no temptation for peaking at your phone all the time. You can even put it in a drawer, as they say out of sight-out of mind. You’ll instantly see the good impact of spending a few hours (especially before sleep) offline, not being glued to the screens.

4. Bedtime Reading. Remember how good it felt, when your parents read you a good book before sleep? We’d all sleep so well, still being impacted by the good story we just heard and would have the best dreams. Well, nothing has changed, except the fact that now you can read on your own. It has been scientifically proven that bedtime reading is really beneficial and strongly advisable for everyone. And since we’re no longer in “online captivity” and have left our phones resting in the drawers, pick a book (ideally a positive one, not the heavy dramas or thrillers) and enjoy it. After a few days you’ll definitely notice how the quality of your sleep and even dreams has improved.

5. Pamper Nights. Now, with all these salons, that do almost everything for us, we have forgotten how to actually take care of ourselves. So having a low-key pamper night every week is the best decision. Have a hot bubble bath with essential oils, do yourself a scrub or a mask (it’d be great if you made it yourself, from natural products), do you hair and nails. There’s something really soothing in these activities and after you’re done, you’ll feel really relaxed, like you just went to the best spa-salon.

6. Vitamins and Water. You’ve probably heard a lot about the good effect of water, so I won’t explain it too deeply. One thing is for sure, water is good for everything- for your organism to function properly, for skin, it helps you loose weight, reduces headaches and any other spasms. Water is our hero, and we keep ignoring it. Make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day (not tea/coffee/juices, but pure water). As for vitamins, they’re also really essential especially in this time of the year. If possible, try using natural products, aka fruits and veggies instead of consuming the vitamin pills or powder, because those are artificial, no matter how organic and natural they’re being called. If something doesn’t expire for months and years, it can’t be purely natural, period! So add to your ratio lots of fruits and vegetables, make salads, freshes and juices. They’re both really tasty and beneficial.

As you may have noticed these steps are really easy and don’t require any special effort. Just getting rid of some old and destructive habits and acquiring new, constructive ones, which will definitely help you feel much better. So instead of blaming the bad weather or season for feeling bad, we can take steps to improve our well-being and mood. Lots of things depend on us, how we will react, and what we’ll choose to do-complain and play the victim of the situation or take over and do everything we can to feel good and live good.



  1. We have to take self-care, you have written very beautifully about self-care. Nice blog.Thank you for sharing 😊🙂


  2. AnnMary, Ironically, I was just telling my husband, last night, how good it felt to walk in the evening’s fresh air and feel the cool breeze blowing against my face. Albeit the weather here in Florida is still in the low 90s, all of the topics you mentioned I have been driving home …. thanks for the confirmation and suggestions. A great post!


  3. Yes it is getting darker much earlier and us Americans will be going back to standard Time very soon which means it will be much darker much earlier. The sky does look much cleaner lately but I’m sure it’s only because of the way the sun is lower in the sky and just how the light is. The problem with it getting darker so early is that I think it’s much later than it really is and when I think it’s 9:00 or 10:00 at night it’s only 7:00. LOL


    • we haven’t been switching time for many years (I don’t really know why), so we’re now constantly in the winter time 😂 so now even our summers get dark quite soon, around 8:30-9, while years ago it was 9:30-10. and yes I know that feeling, you already want to go to sleep because you think it’s late, when it’s actually quite early 😂


  4. I love this list, and they are all very important. I know people are looking for a quick fix but getting on the right track takes time, and all these things will attribute to better overall health.


    • that’s absolutely true! nothing happens in a second, it all takes times, sometimes short, sometimes a little longer and that’s okay! thanks a lot for your comment!😍


  5. My adult daughter deals with SADD every fall through winter, and uses photo-therapy with several bright lights as soon as she wakes, and whenever she is at home, which helps her a lot.
    For me, I love the longer nights and darker evenings and colder days! I don’t get depressed in the summer (although I have had bouts of depression, but unrelated to seasons or weather), but winter gets my engines running! 😁
    Great ideas for anyone suffering from SADD, though. My daughter can testify! 😉


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