The perks of 90s 🎞

It feels so freaking good to write again. And write not because I haven’t write in a long time and I feel like I should, but because I finally got the inner inspiration.

And I want to start by saying that I was born in the wrong period. I think I said this for dozens of times, but every time I mean it even more than I did before. I always felt more connected to the world of 14-18th centuries, to its literature, dresses, songs, atmosphere, everything. Especially the Georgian and Victorian eras for me are a definition of perfect period. But lately I’ve been more into the 80s, 90s and early 00s. I always loved this times, with its style and everything, but now I feel like I belong to that. I’ve watched plenty of movies from these years and everything seems so peaceful. These movies make feel kind of safe, cozy and warm. It feels like they’re my memories, even though they aren’t. Life was so simple back then. And I love it. Because nowadays life is just madly crazy. You receive new information every minute, there’s noise everywhere, bad news, technology, you feel like you can’t escape. And that’s what I want to do these days. Escape. From everyday life which contains worries and stress. Everything is really nerve wracking these days. That’s why I tend to this period. People were kinder, life was slower and more harmonious. Now you can’t even express your opinion in social networks without offending anyone. People got extremely tense, thinking that everyone is trying to bully or make fun of them. People created this “equality” which is a great, really great thing, but nowadays it is just awfully overused. Now the minority discriminates the majority for a wrong word that God forbid may slip out of their tongues. I don’t want to deepen into this, but I understand that what’s going on now is so wrong and so far from being perfect.And it’s getting worse and worse, this planet is going more crazy. Not the planet actually, its inhabitants. Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve started to look back at old times more and more. Or maybe the world and people are perfectly fine, and I’m just a lost old soul, that doesn’t belong here. That belongs to a period where everyone is friendly, isn’t afraid to express their minds. Where people were actually looking for love, happiness in simple things, where everyone wasn’t obsessed with money, latest phones, cars and clothes. Where people were trying to create their happy homes, instead of soulless luxurious houses. Where relationships were sincere, where people were merrier. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being romantic, and the real life of those times didn’t look like this. But it certainly does in my head. And I’m really glad that I got this little world of my own in my heart, where I can disconnect with this world and sink into the one of the 90s. A place where I feel comfortable and joyful. A place where I know that it’s okay to fail, to feel miserable or sad. But at the same time I know that I can find the greatest comfort there, that I’ll have a good mood soon after I get into that world once again. And it’s really nice to have memories connected not only with present but also with the past. And let’s not forget about the fashion of those times, because it was quiet a something.


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