Valentine’s Day Activities for Singles 💌

If you, like me, love celebrating all kinds of holidays, even if they don’t really relate with you, I welcome you to this post!

I can’t say that Valentine is among my most favorite holidays, but still I like its atmosphere, the decorations, content and art, preparations… And I always want to do something a little extra on that day, to celebrate it in my own way.

Just like with everything in life, Valentine’s is one of those things that you can either hate and think that it’s all commercial crap, or change your perspective and enjoy a good day. So, even if you’re single, there’s nothing holding you back from celebrating it just like all those who are in love. In this post I’ll give some interesting ideas on how you can spend this romantic day and have fun.

p.s. By the way, if you are dating/engaged/married, I wrote another article for cute date ideas for Valentine’s inspired from popular romantic comedies. You can check out those in HERE.

1. Book a spa-salon day. If you’re in the self-loving process, then spending a whole day in a spa-salon will be the best way to feel yourself appreciated and loved. There are so many cool and beneficial procedures that are good both for your beauty and health. Don’t postpone the most soothing activity any more and relax!

2. Bake something in Valentine-y. I don’t know about you, but my whole instagram is full of so many amazing and cute recipes that I want to try them all. If you aren’t in the mood of going out, try to embrace your creativity in the sphere of culinary. You’ll end up having a delicious snack and a cute content for the gram.

3. Go on a date with yourself. We all have our idea of how the perfect date should be. So, why don’t you take yourself, your closest and most important person, to that ideal date? You can write a list of things you’d love to do and start accomplishing them. Don’t forget abut treating yourself to some flowers or a box of fancy chocolates (or both). You deserve it.

4. Have a slumber party. If you don’t want to feel lonely on this day, you can invite your single friends over and have the coolest slumber party. Luckily we have the concepts of Galentine/Palentine and you can spend the day with your loved ones. Who said that love only has to be romantic?

5. Walk in the city centre. Something more casual, yet inspiring. On this day the whole city gets decorated with flowers, balloons, garlands, which instantly creates the right mood. Imagine, that you’re watching a rom-com but in real life, seeing all those couples exchanging gifts, walking around or having a romantic dinner. Isn’t it nice to see gestures of true love? You can even try to capture those sweet moments, if you’re into photography.

6. Do some fortune telling. This day is perfect to read fortune. Doesn’t matter whether you really believe in these things or not, isn’t it just another fun activity to do with your friends? You can find lots of easy and peculiar fortune telling ideas in internet, all you’ll need is some candles and a good company. Or you can become a witch for a day on your own as well.

7. Have a cozy movie night. Even the most simple evening spent around the TV can be turned into a pleasant pastime. Create the atmosphere with some lights and candles, get all the delicious snacks or takeout, make some fresh popcorn and enjoy a good marathon of your favorite romantic movies or TV shows. You can invite some friends over, and it’ll be more fun.

8. Make Valentines for your close people. Back in middle school me and my friends used to give each other little self-made cards, congratulating on this day. So, why don’t you make some Valentines for your loved ones? Draw something cute, write why you love them and thank them for always being there for you. If you don’t have much time, or won’t meet these people in person, you can create electronic cards as well, it’ll be much faster and easier, but still very meaningful.



  1. molto bello questo tuo articolo su San Valentino, io mi amo tutti i giorni, soprattutto nei week end, in settimana non faccio mai nulla se non andare a mangiare una pizza fuori, il lavoro mi assorbe completamente, alla fine finisco per vivere 2 giorni a settimana.
    Buon San Valentino ❤❤❤😉👍👍🤗🤗😊

    Liked by 1 person

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