2022 in Review 🪅

And here we are, writing yet another recap of the year. I know I’ve said it for millions of times, but I’ll repeat once more – time flies crazily fast.

Every year, before writing this particular article, I like to reread the ones written in the past years. It’s like seeing your life and thoughts from aside and noticing the improvements of yours, which is great. Seeing all the changes that happened means that you’ve grown, while seeing things that you still agree on, means that you’re being true to yourself, and that those thoughts or feelings weren’t influenced by anyone or anything else.

This year was really interesting. By that I don’t only mean the fun events that happened, but also how things turned out. Once again I confirm my beliefs in destiny and the universe, being reassured that things happen when and how they’re supposed to happen. Everything has its perfect time and place, and we, simple humans, only have to trust our guts and do what we feel is right at that moment.

But enough with the philosophical stuff, let’s do some proper recap of the year. In 2022 I’ve had some big and small dreams and wishes come true, for which I’m forever grateful. I finally managed to pursue my dream job and become a journalist, improving my skills, writing about so many cool, fun but also challenging topics. I finished one course and started yet another one, because I feel like you can never learn enough and you should always crave for more knowledge and wisdom. I got to spend a lot of time in nature, saw many fascinating places and sceneries, enjoyed every season to its fullest, even summer, which if you know me, you’ll know that is my least favorite. But swimming, suntanning, having bbq gatherings and enjoying lazy days definitely made me appreciate the hot season as well. I had lots of cozy catch-ups with friends and some dear relatives, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, got to spend time with my cousins, play with them and remember my own careless childhood, learning a lot from them.

One of the things I should mention separately is photography. This year I’ve discovered photography from a fresh angle. Due to the photos, I started noticing so much more that surrounds me (even more than I did before). Like once again I saw the worth of my life, once I realized that there’s beauty in every single day and moment, every routine. I kept romanticizing my life, feeling like the main character of my own movie. And I reckon that’s what I understood. Life is like a movie. The script is already written, so you, the creative director, can’t do anything to change the way things go. But by adding the right color scheme, music, the right atmosphere and perspective, you can make a masterpiece out of even the most boring script ever. I hope this does make sense.

Another thing that is quite important for me is the media entertainment. I feel like a big part of my life is defined by the things I love at the moment. It’s not essential, but it’s one of those things that make your life whole, filling the empty spaces of it with lots of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and fun. So let’s quickly recap that as well, shall we?

New Books Read – 30. Top three are – “The Headless Horseman”, “And Then There Were None”, “The Mysterious Island”.

New Films Watched – 110. Top three movies are – “Dead Poets Society”, “Honor Society”, “Call Me By Your Name”. Top three animated films are – “Ron’s Gone Wrong”, “Turning Red”, “Luck”.

New Tv-shows Watched – 14. Top three are – “Wednesday”, “Fate: The Winx Saga”, “Only Murders in the Building”.

New Songs Loved – 10. Top three are – Rosa Linn – Snap, Neoni – Darkside, Chris Brown – Under the Influence.

I guess that’s everything I wanted to say. You know, sometimes, especially when you already share a lot in social media, you want some things to remain private. Not because it’s a big important secret, just because things sometimes feel more special and warm when they’re not announced. Like for example, an inside joke is extra-meaningful only because there are a few people knowing the meaning of it. And once you tell it to the whole world, it looses its highlight. So, don’t feel like you have to make big announcements and share every milestone or step just because everyone else does that. Finding the balance is the perfect thing to do in every sphere.

I really hope you had an amazing year, full of fun, laughter, love. I hope that you managed to see the light and good things even in worst situations and that this crazy world didn’t drag you down. I hope you’re appreciating and being grateful for everything and every person you have around. Wish you all a happy New Year, which I hope will be kind and good to all of us! ♥️✨


  1. Happy New Year and thank You for sharing your year. There is a lot to think about and learn from you.❤❤❤


  2. Love this post, thank you for sharing!!!! I love what you said about “destiny and universe”…spot on 👌🏻👌🏻. And your spin on “a year in review” post is my favorite thus far, amazingly done 🤍🤍🤗🤗


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