How Not to be Stressed During the Holidays ⭐️

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and get ready, cause the most wonderful time of the year is here again!

The holiday season feels like a separate world. Like the year goes from January till November, and December lives its own independent life. It transfers our world into a magical fairy tale, with festive decorations, songs, movies and mood all around. And if you’re lucky with snow, then it becomes even more magical for you.

If the holidays seem so much fun, then why are lots of people stressed out during this season? Why don’t they enjoy it as much, as children do? Why doesn’t it bring them joy and festive spirit? The answer’s simple: there is always so many mandatory things to do during this month, that people simply don’t have enough energy left to enjoy it. There’s the Christmas grocery shopping, perfect-gift hunting, work deadlines, cleaning, preparing for parties… and all of a sudden the dreamy December turns into a chaos, and who’d enjoy that?

Since I am an official representative of Buddy the Elf (I just made that up), I think it’s my first and foremost duty to bring Christmas joy and inspire people to have fun. Even if it’s only one person, I don’t really care about the quantity. So, here’s a list of things, that will help you immensely not to be stressed during the holiday season and enjoy themselves!

1. Make a list. You probably think now “yeah, so helpful” (with an irony of course), but believe me, being organized is the first step to not become overwhelmed during the holidays. Whether you’ll make it in your phone notes or a notebook, divide the list into sections from most important and essential errands to the least one. You can even separate into categories like work, shopping, house etc. Make sure not to put events in the wrong category, make your priorities right. For example, if you wanted to visit a far-far relative, with whom you are not even close with, this definitely shouldn’t be your primary goal. Seeing your tasks written somewhere truly clears your mind, as at least you’ll know what you’ve done and what is yet to be done.

2. Ask for ideas. The worst running from shop to shop, not knowing what to buy for your close people. But there’s nothing shameful to ask what they’d like to receive. You can ask everyone to give you a list of all the things they want, and you’ll choose something from it. This way it will both be a surprise, and the person will receive what they actually need. And you’ll free yourself from some aimless running. Another idea (though this one is probably for future years), is to start writing down what people want a few months before the holidays. For instance, you friend talks about a book she wants to buy in August. Write that down, and boom! A few months later you have the perfect gift!

3. Order online. Online shopping is a life saver, honestly. It just rids you of so much trouble. But make sure to order very early, so all your items get delivered right on time.

4. Don’t leave everything to last moment. If you have a project that you need to send on December 20, don’t start working on it from 17. Isn’t it better to work 30 minutes every day, do your job peacefully and without rush, than to get constantly irritated because you don’t have enough time yet? You’re still going to remember and think about it the whole month, so make sure to get over things as soon as possible. As they say, “work done – have fun“! Same with shopping and everything else. Don’t wait for one convenient day, when you’ll have time to go to the mall and buy all the presents in “one sitting“. Start doing your shopping step by step. You can buy something every other day, and you’ll have all your stuff ready before Christmas.

5. Slow down. I know that the feeling of doing everything on time is overwhelming. You want to manage to do everything perfectly, buy all the ideal gifts, make all the best meals for Christmas dinner. But remember, that this isn’t the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not the gifts, it’s not the crazy shopping. Gifts are just a way to show someone your love, but can’t you do it without spending all your time, energy and money on finding the ideal present? Wouldn’t it be more intimate and affectionate to make a card for your close people with one simple little present? Or wouldn’t you have more fun, if you spend some quality time together?

6. Do things with love. Don’t do something because you have to. You don’t have to do anything at all. Don’t feel behind just because you haven’t decorated your house yet, and everyone else did. This is not a competition. Do it whatever you want, whenever you want. Even if it you decide the Christmas tree on December 23. As long as you enjoy the process, feel happy and festive. Who said that you have to do gingerbread cookies or a house, go ice-skating, or sending Christmas cards to every single acquaintance of yours? No one. So relax, and don’t run in a hamster’s wheel. These festive things aren’t supposed to be mandatory. They’re just fun ideas, things that you may or may not do. Christmas comes from your heart, and not the external attributes. Remember that.



  1. The major holidays have become nothing but a commercialized mess. Why are adults always stressed out during this time of the year? Because they can’t meet the expectations put upon them by the merchandisers. Also it’s a time of the year when many companies lay people off. So it’s hard as an adult to find the joy that this time of the season is supposed to bring. Sorry for being such a downer. But I do like your post.

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    • you’re not a downer, you are indeed right! Some people want to make money of everything and anything possible, and holidays are the best case. It is hard to “fight” against this strategy, but if we understand how things work, it’ll be easier for us to make a decision that’s best for us! thanks for your comment! 😄

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  2. Be sure and tell Buddy the Elf your ideas! These are great, not just for December, although this is the best month in which to begin practicing. But these are great for year-round stress relief!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


  3. Unfortunately, the holidays are becoming more and more a duty, and the joy is leaving, and yes, you just need to let go of all this fuss and let the spirit of Christmas and the New Year into your heart and into your home.❤👍

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  4. Love the advice, especially the last one. I hear lots of people complain about the commercialization of Christmas and they’re right, but I think we bring back the true meaning when we make love the center of the holiday. At least that’s what’s worked for me. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Absolutely love the season with all the trimmings. Enjoy every minute of it. I would say make many lists, for presents, shopping, menu, homemade gifs. Spread the joy throughout the year, I usually do. Done by early November, allow the whole day for wrapping, simply for the mood. Started heavy and early planning out of necessity, because of poor health, you never know when another flare up is going to get you, but now consider it a blessing. Had to learn how to truly slow down, but do everything nevertheless. Thank you, practice everything on the suggested list.

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    • that’s the perfect mindset you have! I also enjoy it, sometimes even the “runnings”, but I know lots of people complain haha. Wish you lots of happy and fun moments throughout December (and in general as well) ♥️✨


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