6 Reasons, Why You Should Take More Photos 📸

Photography has expanded and become kinda mainstream over the years, due to the development of technologies and massive usage of social medias. If 10 or 15 years ago the profession of a photographer was rare, now every “lazy” person with a camera, or even phone calls themselves a photographer.

For me, photography has three sides: one, when people take photos once in a while, usually during events, purely for memories. Second, when people want to show off as much as possible, and think that their numerous selfies, food or drink pics or mirror photos will make others jealous for some reason. And third, when photography becomes a hobby or even a profession, a sort of a natural state of a person. When you want to capture the beauty around and sometimes see the world through the lense. Some people focus on sky, others on nature, architecture or strangers, doesn’t really matter.

I’ve always had a love for photography. But throughout the years it has been becoming something more and more. This year I changed my aspect of it and understood it from a whole new different angle. Hence why I decided to make a post with all the pros of photography and reasons, why you should take pics more often.

1. Memories. The most basic reason. Especially if you’re a nostalgic person, photography is just another great way of capturing the moment and immortalizing it. Because, let’s face it, we all say that we’ll remember this good day forever, but sometimes our memory can fail us. And through photos you keep those beautiful recollections of the good days you’ve had.

2. Being present. I realized this in 2020, that photography helped me notice what surrounds me so much more. I had been living in the same neighborhood since I was born, but I started actually seeing it anew once the pandemic started and I was only allowed for short walks around. Cause before that whenever I was walking somewhere, I was doing it on an automatic mode, without even paying attention to my surroundings. And now I feel more present in where I am, trying to capture everything, even without a camera. So it’s basically like a third eye, and once it opens, you start seeing the world differently.

3. Noticing the beauty. As a photographer, wherever you go, you’re subconsciously looking for a beautiful spot to capture. And later, when you don’t even have your camera with you, you’ll realize, that you’re focusing more and more on the beautiful things. So even in a filthy place, where all the garbage cans are placed, you’ll notice a tiny beautiful flower. And that changes your whole perspective of life and the world outside. And instead of focusing on the negative and ugly things, you start prioritizing the beauty and positivity.

4. It evolves your creativity. Photography allows your imagination to expand and create various scenarios for your photoshoots. For me photography is strongly related to art. And if you don’t have the skills to paint or draw something that you imagine, taking photos compensate the lack of artistic abilities. You became a “digital painter“, who uses a tool to capture the your “vision“.

5. It can become a great hobby. First you’ll start taking pics for yourself, then you’ll find a good platform to share your works with others. You’ll start learning new aspects of this craft, get deep into the editing process, which is very essential, if you want to create your own style. And you can even find many friends or kindred spirits, who’ll share your interests. And it doesn’t really matter, whether you’ll get to meet them in real life, or stay online-friends, you’ll find great companions. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about different cultures and places.

6. You start visiting new places. You know, in any aspect of life, when you start doing something, you always want to do it differently or in a better level. For instance, once you get into cooking, you don’t want to cook the same recipes, you’ll always seek for a new one. Same here. You’d definitely want to visit different places, that have fascinating sceneries, in order to capture them. And as we all know, traveling, even in your own country, expands our worldviews and mindsets. So it’s just another great advantage of it.

To sum up, every hobby has its own pros. Anything that you do, changes you as a person and somehow affects your personality. You start learning new skills, that will be helpful not only in that particular craft, but life in general. So find whatever you like and start doing it. You’re never too old to start learning sth new.



  1. Great article! I love taking photos. I’ve always viewed things/people/views from an artistic standpoint. And like you say, it helps me notice more things like raindrops on a spiderweb on the grass. A long ago art class taught me to view things via the space around them, too, “negative space”, and not just what is focused on in the center. I used to have point and shoot cameras. I thought of getting a higher quality one but am happy with the cameras on my phone as I don’t want to take the time to learn a more complicated camera.

    Now, too, you can have your photos enlarged to hang on your walls. I’ve seen photos enlarged and put on light sheets of metal, canvas and the normal photo quality paper. Since I’ve been “on the road” for getting close to 10 years, I’ve taken so many photos.


  2. The only problem with using photos for memories anymore is that most of our pics are digital. Anita has tons of albums from when I used to go through four or five rolls of film on a trip; turn them in for developing and then sort through the “keepers” and she would put them in albums labeled with the year or the trip.
    When she soon retires in a few years, we will walk through the digital “piles and piles” of photos and select a couple from each year or each trip and print them. I’ve had to check the software in recent years to make sure we could still view the photos from the old laptops! But we’ll leave the albums for our kids to wade through. Hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to go through them with them so we can give explanations when needed.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


    • that’s true! I actually do print some photos! Every year in January I collect the photos of the past year and print them, because I also love watching the albums♥️ and I also make sure to keep same photos in a few places, just in case

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  3. I enjoyed your post and do agree with you so much. I’m an amateur photographer hoping to get a professional camera one day meanwhile I use my mobile phone:)

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    • thanks so much! I really appreciate your kinds words😍 I am a mobile photographer too, though I’m thinking about using an old film camera that I got 😄


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