Things, that Inspire Me for This Season 🪴

I reckon I’ve written every possible topic about this season, but somehow the weather outside makes me want to write again.

I decided to gather up all the little or big things, that inspire me for spring. They may be insignificant for others, but raise a strange kind of a feeling inside me, something that pushes me to create. Spring itself is an immense source of motivation and inspiration with its every single aspect, however I wanted to highlight some of the stuff that make me feel more “springy” if that makes sense. So let’s start:

  • Opening the windows, letting the fresh air inside and listening to birds chirping
  • seeing all the trees blossom, seeing their petals fly around with wind
  • watching movies of victorian-edwardian-georgian eras
  • capturing a rainbow after a storm
  • sleeping under a thunderstorm, with raindrops hitting the windows
  • feeling the smell of soil after rain
  • watching a sunset and swallows flying right in front of my window
  • buying lots of fresh bouquets and new plants
  • visiting a botanical garden or a greenhouse
  • reading romance novels of 18th century
  • noticing the first butterflies and ladybugs
  • going for a walk during a misty weather
  • listening to my spring playlist
  • doing a major clean-over
  • feeling the light breeze touching my face and playing with my hair
  • craving for lots of veggies and greeneries
  • having a road-trip to a place with fascinating scenery
  • seeing the nature reawakening and green getting lusher and more alive after every rainstorm
  • decorating and preparing for Easter
  • and of course having a Harry Potter marathon


  1. Sweet list. I love just seeing flowers and plants for sale outside and inside stores and nurseries. The new life on a bush is so precious…such a tiny bud.


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