Victory Day ♥️

I had no intention of making a post about this, just because I myself don’t know what to write. But I woke up today with the urge of writing on this topic, so here we are.

Today is a big day: Victory day, a holiday that marks the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. It is celebrated mostly in post-USSR countries, though many other countries have celebrations on this day as well.

Since childhood I always watched the parades and holiday concerts, watched old movies and listened to old military songs, later went to a parade myself, participated in poetry reading and a university concert, wore the Ribbon of Saint George, which is a symbol of Great Patriotic War and even got teased for that, started watching/reading foreign works about life in times of World War 2. The more I grew up, the more I felt strangely connected with this day, even though I never properly learned its history, never knew all the details and information about it. For many years I didn’t even know that my grandfather participated in the war. However, whenever there’s a program or film about WW2, I feel like it’s about something really close to me, it’s an indescribable and strange feeling. I explain that curious phenomenon with my belief in reincarnation. Maybe one of my lives was during that time, that’s why I feel so attached to it, that’s why whenever I hear a plane or helicopter flying I get this odd fear of being bombarded, that’s why I’m really into movies/books of those times. It may be true, may be not, this is one of those numerous things that we’ll never know. But I don’t have any other explanation for that feeling I get in my chest, when I listen to war songs or hear about how it all started, especially in the Eastern Front on 22 of June.

Later, through literature and films of non-Russian authors I got to see and feel the other part of the war, and it’s a really fascinating topic for me, as I get to catch up and make up for everything I didn’t learn, or forgot from school. I don’t usually like films about war, but I do love watching and researching about the daily lives of those times. So here are a few film/book recommendations if you want to get into the atmosphere of war and post-war life. Happy Victory Day!

1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

2. The Aftermath.

3. The Book Thief.

4. The Diary of Anne Frank.

5. Fury.

6. Pearl Harbor.

7. Captain America: The First Avenger.

8. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.

9. Jojo Rabbit.



  1. Never heard of this “holiday” but then in the USA I guess it would not be as important. But for us it is Mother’s Day. Interesting your thoughts/feelings you have about this day. Enjoy your day!


    • yes, it’s a big day in Russia, as well as here in Armenia. you can look it up in youtube, I always enjoyed watching the military parades. thank you! ☺️


  2. We all need to know our history, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past valuable life of millions of people and destroyed! Happy Victory Day😍


  3. Every family history is connected with this day, we remember those who sacrificed their lives and those who lived to celebrate this day in 1945. For my generation they were our fathers and mothers, for younger people their grandparents.


  4. Thank you for sharing your feelings about the war. Some of the films you listed also left a deep imprint on my soul. I tried to say a toast among my loved ones on May 9 and could not. For some reason, my voice began to disappear, stifle tears and confuse thoughts …


  5. I don’t know much about the history behind it. However through your post I can relate that the surroundings where be grew up has their own intensity and same we adopt naturally. Which I think a human tendency is. It was a nice read. Thank you!


  6. I was born in 1940 so it is a lot more clear to me than someone born much later. I remember rationing and saving the foil from the gum, and the red cent. Some of it not vividly, and possibly because my mother talking about some of it. In the aftermath, I remember being poor. I remember seeing the newsreels at the movie theater showing pictures of the people rescued from the death camps.


    • aww that’s really horrible! the war and its aftermath, all the bad consequences,,but I guess it’s the hardest moments that make you stronger!♥️🙏🏻


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