Cherry Blossom Season 🤍


Another short, “pointless” blog in terms of having some informative or motivational features.

Every year the nature amazes me further and further. Every year I think “wow the nature now is breathtaking, it couldn’t have been more beautiful than this“. And every next year the Earth proves otherwise. It’s just unbelievable, how I walk in same places year after year, yet I manage to find and see so many new wonders of nature. Same trees bloom in different ways, same buds give different flowers. And it’s truly a miracle.

Same for cherry blossoms. Each year their season starts a little soon or late compared to the previous one, and it indeed gets reflected in how it looks. This time, they bloomed really late, practically now, and with their whole appearance they kind of confirm that everything takes time, and that some things need extra time to “bloom” in glory.

This spring , for the first time in my life I saw pink and white-pink sakuras. I’ve seen them on internet, but never in real life. I won’t be lying when I say, that ever since finding these few sakura trees, I’ve already been there a few times, every time enjoying their beauty and their sweetest smell anew, along with the singing of birds, who happen to have a nest around.

So enjoy another portion of beautiful nature, more specifically cherry blossom photography.



  1. Like Buddy says, NOT pointless! 😉
    “There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.” Joseph Addison


  2. Lovely photos! Thank you for this “not pointless” blog, because you provided some beauty to my not pointless day! Take care, and please enjoy the spring!


  3. Nicely put on! I think it’s all about how we treat the nature, the same way we’ll be treated by nature. That’s the only reason I believe why nature always surprises us. Unless we take care of it, definitely we gonna pay for it someday. It’s a thoughtful post. Thank you so much for such an impactful piece to read.


    • yess! we definitely need to take much care of nature, to treat it good, because otherwise things will be really bad for humankind. thank you! ☺️


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