The War is Over…

This was supposed to be a happy post, a celebration, finally the war is over, we can now live in peace… but unfortunately, it’s the opposite, it’s completely the opposite…

because we lost. lost a great part of our territory, lost so many young and innocent lives, lost our unity, our faith, trust and belief. you may have think now, it’s a war, one side wins, the other loses, that’s sadly normal, the good thing is that war is over, no more spilled blood, that’s what’s matter. yeah, maybe this was the least of an evil. And I wouldn’t be writing all this, if it was a fair fighting and a fair loss, really I wouldn’t because I understand how things work in this life, whether I agree with them or not. Why do I write this though? Because it was far from being fair, because it was just a game some people were playing all along, using us, ordinary mundanes, as their puppets. If not from day one, but for a long while now, the results of this game were sold. “We will win”, “we will win”, “we will win”, that’s all we kept hearing in the last few weeks. While in reality everything we believed in and fought for was sold. the young soldiers, kids actually, lots of whom haven’t seen and experienced anything in life, except graduating from school and entering army, they were brave enough to fight there, the idea of having a free, independent and peaceful motherland was their fuel, giving them strength, energy and courage. and now they fell for nothing. they gave their lives to save our home, but our home was being sold without warning, without informing its owners…and as for the war, it is actually far from being over, because by handing our land to the enemy, we’re just making a big entrance for them with a huge “welcome” sign on it. and what wasn’t done today, will be done in a year, maybe in five or ten, does it really matter now? encouraging people, telling little white lies and giving fake hope, fake information when you’re already in the rock bottom are two very different things.

and here’s what I understood from this war. first of all, tolerance is a two-faced hypocritical bitch and don’t come at me. I wonder why it wasn’t named after Janus. In this world, in this reality it only works one-sided, it is only applicable and is meant for a certain group of people, and as for others…who cares? something that was initially created as a good thing, has now become just another toy for manipulation. sorry but it’s true, as I no longer believe in tolerance, human rights, or humanity in general. the more it goes, the more I get disappointed in this world, and people inhabiting it. Obviously I know that not everyone is bad, that there are plenty of good people out there, but when you look in general, you don’t want to look at all. maybe one day, hopefully one day, things will make me change my mind, and I promise, that I’ll be proud to say that I was wrong.

I’m not here blaming on others though, just like many people do now. It’s so easy to blame the world, indifferent people and organizations in your loss. Yes, if there was some concern and support for us, maybe, Maybe!, things might end differently. But if the traitor, the enemy was living inside us, covering their faces with concern masks, reassuring us of our soon victory, hiding the reality from us, who’s to blame? The world isn’t guilty, if your own people betrayed you. Russia isn’t the scapegoat either, why should someone else, a foreigner care for you, if your own government doesn’t? It just surprises me how people not see the obvious. How can they be so hypnotized, so blind, not to connect the apparent, well-seen dots, put all the evidence together and understand what’s really going on. People who have just a little logical and analytical mind (or who have seen Sherlock at least once), will have already solved this case like a piece of cake.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, I don’t want to yell names now, say who’s right and who’s wrong, I don’t say that we should have continued the war, or the agreement should or shouldn’t have been signed, it is something way outside my competence. I have always been as apolitical as possible, and now, the mandatory involvement in politics made me realize once again, that it is the filthiest and most dishonest place ever, maybe even worse than circles of hell by Dante, and I don’t want to be involved in it again. So by writing this post, I am giving a proper closure to all of it: to whole 45 days of war, to days starting with checking the news and ending in the same way, to this dirty politics, to endless disputes about who’s good and who’s evil, and whose fault it was. At the end of the day, it is what it is now, and maybe what we really should do now, is be thankful to all our soldiers, everyone who kept fighting for us and protecting us, be thankful to God, who prevented a much bigger massacre, and try to fill our lives with good and positive deeds, to carry on, so it won’t be completely in vain…



  1. “War comprise many battles
    whether one side win every battle or not
    not either side win a war
    war never ends
    war in the best terms is ignorant
    destory human beings on both sides
    only the lesders benefit on both sides
    the fighters on both sides come up victims
    of the powers that be
    those torn my war fear not
    God is present
    the Shepard will bring peace and prosperity to His sheep!

    By: Van Prince

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  2. Sadly, war is usually fought for the greed of a select few, yet the devastation is suffered by those who have no say and the least to gain. Political powers will rile their anger at the “other” through propaganda, because it serves them to keep the people angry. But in the end, it’s the common people who suffer the most. I’m so sorry you have suffered from this in your region.

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  3. Politicians and governments are essentially corrupt.

    As for people not thinking, take a look at the way lockdowns have been imposed across the world.

    The Communist group the Tigray People’s Liberation Front that Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is currently fighting a civil war against in a region of Ethiopia (that just started a few weeks ago).

    The Communist group the Tigray People’s Liberation Front that itself governed Ethiopia for years and practically ruined the entire country economically and socially.

    And what slimy little weasel on the world stage was a member of the Communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front and served as a cabinet minister in Ethiopia’s government when they ran the country?

    That slimy little weasel Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who heads the WHO (the World Health Organization).

    The same slimy little weasel Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus whose election to be head of WHO was financed by Xi Jinping’s government in Beijing.

    The same slimy little weasel Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who told the governments of the world to go into lockdown, ruining their economies, affecting mental health and causing depression and suicides.

    And whose lockdown policies are turning police forces across the planet into modern day equivalents of the Gestapo (of whom the most preeminent example that comes to mind is the Melbourne Police Force in Australia).

    This virus that the brainless global media expect us to believe originated in a wet market in Wuhan but actually was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and not released accidentally but intentionally.

    As part of a global world domination strategy on Xi Jinping’s part.

    If most of the people on the planet actually thought like Sherlock, these lockdowns wouldn’t be happening.


    • true! only one addition- if most people on the planet always thought for themselves, always analyzed everything they hear and read before making any assumptions and not be simply brainwashed, 90% of the problems would be solved…but sadly it is far from being true…thanks for the comment!


  4. “as I no longer believe in tolerance, human rights, or humanity in general. the more it goes, the more I get disappointed in this world, and people inhabiting it.” it is times like this it is easy to let go of hope. but it really is the time to HOLD ON tightly to hope.


  5. Hey Ann Mary, very nice posts. Big problem is human mind. 2000 years, 4000 years historical experience and nothing new. No wisdom for true values, only technical progress.🙂 From arrows to guns and bombs. Modern world is tragedy on scene made from money and politic.
    But we pure people have hearts & feelings who are priceless.


    • agree with your every word! technologies become smarter, people become dumber, that’s how it goes 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m glad that though, that there are lots of people understanding this absurd,,thanks for your comment!


  6. I mean, who wins in a war? Many times I wonder if we ever really learn anything… It can be sad to think about it, but we must not lose hope. Sending you some positive energy today.


  7. Such an awful time for you and yours and we have seen it on our screens, families in mourning. War is always unfair, usually a waste. If the world does take notice it often means big countries interfering and the war going on for years; there is no easy answer.


  8. There is a word in Arabic…. Insha’Allah. I am always saying it, because I feel certain if God wills there will be hope and tolerance and peace sometime. May be not in my life, but sometime down the years, we have to continue to hope and thank God for the family we have and the roof we have on our heads.

    War is insanity, war is criminal. but war is war. We lose and we win… it’s the game of chess among the governments.


  9. “Generals and Soldiers enter the battle fields
    win some battles, losesome battles
    win the war they think
    yet a war is fought somewhere all through history
    telling a war story
    countries go into war to win
    yet war never ends!”

    _-Van Prince


  10. I do not know the pain of being in a country torn apart by war, but I feel the pain it is causing you through your words. I hold you, your loved ones, and your country in my prayers, that God’s peace will find a way to settle in the hearts it needs to, for pragmatic and sustainable change.

    Thank you for sharing, and continuing to do so honestly from your heart. Much love from New Zealand. ♥


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