Fake Persuasion 🤥

Have you ever come across this phenomenon, when people fight for their beliefs? When they state an opinion, and do its utmost to persuade everyone that they’re right? That’s quite common, especially online. Freedom of speech has gone to another level, when people are so full of themselves and so sure of their own opinion that want everyone to agree with it. That might be okay, if those statements or persuasion were honest, sincere and authentic. But people often share an opinion, just because it’s trendy and many other smart people think the same way. They hear something from their idol or just an educated person, and agree with it straightaway, without even questioning it and thinking if it corresponds with their own perspective. Most of the times, if you ask someone “okay, but why do you think that way?”, they’ll go catatonic and won’t know what to answer, because all this time they believed in something they didn’t understand.

So if we think about it in a hyperbolic way, many people have become hypnotized zombies, just repeating what they’ve heard or read. And it’s okay when someone admits that they don’t have a proper opinion on a topic, but they’ve heard this and that. That gives space to discussions and mutual understandings. But when someone presents a strange belief as their own, and doesn’t want to hear and admit what other person says, that’s when it becomes problematic.

And this happens both in daily conversations about simple things and important topics like politics, religion, tolerance, the universal truth… If you observe that occurrence, it seems so ridiculous. When people fight against racism or nationalism. and the next minute state that their country and their nation is the smartest, most talented, in a word-the best. When people speak of tolerance, how everyone has their right to do and say what they wanna say, but once you say something that is inconsistent with their opinion, or do something that they don’t understand or like, they instantly judge you. When people praise their country and nation, speak about patriotism but once they get a chance, leave the country and never come back. Furthermore, these people judge others and accuse them of being unpatriotic, racist, nationalist, intolerant, when they present their fake persuasion in society. And when, for example, someone uses foreign words, or doesn’t agree with something culturally and historically important or doesn’t like their nation’s art, literature or anything else, they get called a “traitor”. And those, who left their motherland, think that they’re patriotic, just because they, for example, listen to songs of their country, read their books, constantly complain of how they’re missing the air and earth of their country, or state their opinions about a new rule the government has made etc. People talk about God and religion, but do the exact opposite of all commandments, they gossip and hate, and I don’t even talk about the big sins like murders. People talk about spirituality, awakening and enlightenment, but post their photos/videos in bikinis or underwear, or do other absurd things, that an “enlightened” person wouldn’t done even at gunpoint. As usual, the examples can go on for a while. And I am not against anything mentioned above (well except murder, violence and other sins obviously). Do what you want, if you want to move, move, if you want to put all your efforts in making a “perfect” body and showing it off, do it, if you want to praise your nation, do it, just stop convincing others of something that you’re not.

You know what these things are called? A lie. People don’t necessarily lie to others, they lie to themselves, trying to believe in what they state. And I don’t say that they do it on purpose, most of the time this process happens subconsciously. Or sometimes they do happen on purpose, because people are afraid of what everyone else says, they’re afraid of being judged. So they just cover their “sins” with sugar-coated lies and fake statements. But in reality I think most people are so sick of this hypocrisy, that they’d rather hear the honest and rough truth. I’d rather hear someone say “you know, in a way I’m a little racist or nationalist, I know it’s not right or not according to tolerance, but I do believe that some nations are better than the others“, than saying that they hate all those fake prejudices and badmouth other nations. I’d like to hear “Yes, there are certain things that I don’t understand, don’t like and don’t accept“, rather then smiling at your face and gossiping behind your back. I’d rather hear someone say “yes, I didn’t feel good in my own country, or the possibilities were higher abroad that’s why I moved, and I don’t regret it, even if I’ll sometimes miss my friends/family or some traditions“, than hoping for a pity pet and saying “I didn’t have another choice“. We always have choices. We have the choice to speak right and speak honest, not be ashamed and guilty of our opinions or actions. Even if you think not the way you were supposed to, even if you’re not as tolerant as you’d like to be, it’s better to accept and admit that. Believe me lots of people will respect you even more for your honesty. Because everyone has something to hide, something they’re afraid of speaking out. And if you think that your opinion is socially “wrong“, you can just stay silent and don’t say anything. Because believe me, your actions speak louder than your words. Eventually people will see and understand everything, and that will be bad, not your real opinion.

There’d be so much less problems in our world, if people were honest, and first of all honest with themselves. The tolerance everyone’s speaking about shouldn’t be only for minorities, it should be for everyone. No one should be afraid of stating their opinions but also no one has the right to make everyone else agree with them. And it’s okay to accept that you were wrong, that you made mistakes, that your mindset was once not right. That’s how you grow and learn.



    • I’m not a political person to be honest, and I don’t know much about Trump and his policy. I know that lots of people hate him, but he also has lots of followers who love and respect him. I don’t have an opinion on that, but if it’s true, it’s bad 😕

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