The Mildest Nature 🌿

Breaking free from the city and having even a day off in nature is still one of my favorite things to do. Usually people get older to enjoy this kind of activity, but I’ve always had it in myself. I would always choose a day within trees and fresh air rather than in, idk, a shopping mall or a cafe or whatever. One day in wilderness changes you more than you think. You become more connected to nature, to life and most importantly, to yourself. You kind of live in tune with your surroundings, you can actually feel how you are an important part of it. The most amazing part for me is seeing so many different things being in a complete harmony with each other, like the perfect choir, where everyone sings in a different tone, complementing each other and creating a total masterpiece. The wind blowing, trees whispering, as though they are the messengers of everything going on around them, the butterflies flying from flower to flower, birds singing, the river flowing. All these sounds melt together becoming something more, something really beautiful. And it’s great to feel yourself an inseparable part of this assembly.

Another thing I really enjoy, is finding the hidden gems of nature. All the small bits that remain unnoticeable for others, but somehow draw my attention, are my favorite things. An extraordinary flower, pinecones lying in the perfect symmetry, sunshine breaking through the branches of trees… I think photography gave me the space and opportunity to notice all these “undercover” charms even better than ever before.

Nature in september seems the loveliest. Cause it’s still warm, mild, but the wind reminds of upcoming autumn. So you just stand there, feeling the last rays of sunshine warming your body, and the wind refreshing your soul. There’s nothing more pleasant than this feeling.

So, the next time you’re out in wildness, try these three things and you’ll feel how much you’ve been missing out.

1. Become the quietest as possible. Try to find a little sacred deserted place to listen the silence of nature. Once you’ve done it, you’ll understand how nature can talk in silent language.

2. Try to find at least 3 things, that were “invincible” to others’ eyes. Feel yourself an explorer and discoverer.

3. Watch the sun, feel it, play with it. Let it burn out all the last negative sells out of your body and mind.



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