When spring comes around…🌸

when April begins with its long showers bringing the lush color of all the green…when cherry trees slowly start to blossom one after another…when the sky is bright blue with the most marvelous clouds…when the sun warms you through the window…when the walks start to feel more at ease and delightful…when the swallows start to fly around and sing the most pleasant melodies…when you can feel the light gentle wind through the open windows…when sunsets last longer and have much more saturated and various colors in them…when you feel fresh and feel like blooming and blossoming with every little change of weather…when you feel like you’ve just reawakened from a long winter sleep and you feel the life flowing in your veins..when you feel that the sun inside of you is getting warmer and warmer..when you feel amazing, full of hopes and happiness…when you want to capture every moment…when you feel to be more connected with nature than ever…when you use every form of art to express yourself and your feelings…when every single song reminds you of the good old days, warm sunny days with the best memories…when you feel nostalgic for the past, happy for the present and excited for the future…when you feel that there’s a brand new chapter waiting for you with the best changes…when you know that no matter what, everything will turn out glorious and great…that’s what spring means to me..at least for now…


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