The Illusion of Dissociation 🔛

Another great night, another topic to write about. Reading some of my old blogs made me realize that I often wrote almost the same thing about different situations. And it reminded me to write about something I wanted to say for a long time. The illusion of fragmentation or disconnection. So here we go.

When I say the illusion of fragmentation I mean the illusion or prejudice that people have that nothing is really connected in this world. I got this term from the greatest series Avatar. The wise Guru was talking about how we are connected, every single one of us. We are connected within ourselves, we are connected to animals, to nature, to universe, to everything. And that’s damn right. All the situations that happen in out lives are intertwined. Our fears cause our certain behavior, the sense of shame creates a long lists of the things we have to do, which in its turn leads to not saying, choosing or doing what we actually want, which makes us being not unique, just another product of nowadays. Which again makes us unhappy and miserable, we start complaining, loose our control over our lives and live the rest of our lives like robots. This list is actually way longer, I just don’t want to get too much into it.When someone complains about sth and you give advice to them, you’d probably hear “what does it have to do with my problems,” or “it doesn’t matter”. But that’s so not true. Once you change a tiny detail, in your life, doesn’t matter in which area of it, everything changes. Once you stop being afraid of being alone and stop lying or pleasing literally everyone your start being more sincere and confident, you like it and slowly take charge of your further actions. I really hope I’m expressing myself right.

We are all energies in this world. Everything we say or think or do is energies which create our lives. And that’s the very famous law of attraction. I still wonder why so many people don’t believe in it. I truly think that our thoughts, words, attitudes and actions represent our lives. Or I can say that our life is the reflection of what we think and do. Ever wonder why everything goes wrong with negative people? Why new and new problems fall on them just like avalanches? Because negative can’t and won’t attract positive to their lives. Even if they get rid of some negative, they’ll definitely get brand new portions of it.Some people always complain about everything. Weather, government, their friends or relatives, their looks etc. When seeing a rose, this kind of people always pay attention to its thorns and not beauty or good smell. People complain more than praise or thank anything that happens. That’s why bad things happen to them. You can’t go and buy shit and expect it to turn into flowers when you get home. But also don’t think that positive people have lives full of rainbows unicorns and golden shoes, no. Like all the people they get problems but with their light energies they overcome it easier. They take great lessons from their problems. And after every rainstorm they still got their rainbows and sunshine. When you think positively, when you truly believe that everything will turn out good even if it’s bad for a moment, you thoughts will reach the universe and bring what you believed in.

Another great thing, which I think is even more famous is the law of boomerang (no, not the effect for IG), and karma (again no, not the stupid unreasonable challenge of turning from beasts to beauties). These two, which in fact is the same thing are so great and work faster and better with every year. I guess I can say that karma is one of the levels of law of attraction. We get what we think or say or do. Basically karma is our court of justice in the universal level. Many people think that karma is only a bad thing, which is not true. Remember, karma is a bitch only if you are. If your life is full off bad deeds, don’t you even expect that karma will be nice to you. You’ll always get what you did but in a more powerful and painful way. Sadly, people often behave like complete assholes and still wonder why they have problems, why sth bad happens to them. Again, in the context of the current topic, they don’t think that something they did is connected with anything they get. They think that whatever they do just vanishes, disappears in the Black Hole. It’s convenient for them to think that they are all fluffy and good, and the life is unfair. No dears, we pay for everything we do. You can’t just idk kill someone, hit a kitten in the streets etc and don’t pay for it. One of the bad things of karma is that we don’t always get what we actually did to others. What I mean is if you betray someone, you won’t necessarily be betrayed by someone else. You may get fired, get sick or something else. And that makes it even harder to understand that it’s our boomerang that came back after a long trip. Idk why this happens in this way, but it does. So if you don’t get hit after hitting the same cat, don’t think that you’re untouchable and karma doesn’t exist or work. Another misconception of karma. When someone does sth bad, and they realize it and think that they can change or deceive their karma by praying or doing something good afterwards. It won’t work. It’s the same as if you killed someone and then make a donation for example, you would still be found guilty because of your murder. You still have to take the responsibility of your actions.

Karma works the same way on the positive level. When you do sth really good, not because of some personal gain, but just for Gods sake, you will definitely get rewarded. If you leave tips in cafes or cabs, you’ll get so much more later. When you are there for someone at their hardest times, you’ll get the same and even better help and support at your hour of need.

So again, don’t be afraid of karma. Be afraid, no, not even afraid, be beware of your actions. Say good, do good and you’ll receive nothing but good. Bad things don’t happen just accidentally. There’s always a reason behind them. So whenever you got problems, don’t complain about life or God being unfair to you. Just think what you did wrong and try to correct it and try to live right afterwards. It’s always okay to fail and make mistakes. We all make them and hence get our “punishment” or responding. But it’s us and our choice that decide the size, quality and type of our karma or law of attraction. Be good-attract good, and that’s it. There’s nothing really complicated about that. Just remember the simple rules of the universe, let the majority of your energies be positive, live your life and enjoy it!



  1. Actually in reality not everything is that simple, it is more complicated. We as human beings not always understand ‘God’s affairs’ but in general I agree with most of your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your blog. Your English is also very beautiful. Go ahead, you definitely have the gift of writing:)

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