Cyprus Mix 🇨🇾 📍

Missed writing travel blogs. I’m going to write this quickly though, because I’m sitting in the balcony for inspiration and there are crazy bats flying in front of it and I’m not the biggest fan of them 😆

This time it was Cyprus, Larnaca, and I must confess it was the last place I wanted to be. Didn’t have much expectations from it. If you know me, you’ll know I love cold weather, and going back where it’s summer when autumn is my ultimate favorite season, didn’t sound really appealing. But I end up loving this city and feeling sad to leave it. It’s not the most beautiful city, but still it has a strange kind of charm in it. It’s like the mix of old and modern. The architecture is really simple, remained from old times, but the life goes on here as in the big metropolis. But unlike those big busy cities, where you feel a stranger, where everyone’s in rush and live their private lives, here it feels like a big old friendly family as if everyone knows each other. As if you lived here forever, and even the waitresses or sellers have known you their entire life. I finally felt the warm greek atmosphere, something I’ve seen in movies but never felt though I’ve been in Greece twice. So when I say it’s the city of mixture I mean this. It feels like old small greek town, where everyone knows each other, where nothing really happens and people live with their quiet lives. But at the same time you feel yourself in like in the centre of Europe with all the various cafes, shops, parties, street arts and the modern vibes. Staying in an apartment added to the feeling of actually living here, when you get to go to the local markets and buy food for yourself. One thing that I really like is that there are lots of people from the UK here, and as you might know, I adore them, and seeing them daily, listening to their conversations makes me feel like in the UK. Another thing that I love about this country is that there are lots and lots of street cats, and people feed them. They put food and water on the streets, near stores and buildings and cats look all fat and fluffy and happy, which makes me really really happy.

So the “unwanted” trip turned out to be one of the best. I can’t really explain the atmosphere here, but I’ll do my best. It’s like an endless holiday here. Especially on weekends. People look happy, easygoing, careless, ready to party 24/7. You hear the city living especially at nights. People talking and laughing here and there. Cars and motorcycles rushing somewhere, music playing in different parts of the streets. Sounds pretty crazy, and I think I myself will go crazy if I lived here more than a month, because I’m more a calm and peaceful kind of a person. But living in this for a short term turned out to be fun and new. To the point where I missed the craziness of the weekend during the week. And now seeing the city living its best life, and me leaving it tomorrow feels upsetting. It’s like you go somewhere, become a part of the big family, getting used to everything even the bad sides, and then bam, your time is up, let’s go. And you leave this whole party while everyone else still enjoys themselves. And people come and go. Life never stays still, and it makes me sad and not only for this trip but in general. Buildings remain the same, they see millions of new faces, new jokes, new music. It’s getting ordinary for them. But for you it’s still sth special and amazing. And it’s sad realizing that it’s coming to its end. I think I wrote the same for every country I’ve been to, but that’s who I am, easily getting attached to every new place and feel like it’s where I belong.

And I already forgot what else I wanted to write, and these bats driving me crazy, I think they want to come and bite me 😂 Anyway, thanks Cyprus for the warm hospitality and tones of fun memories starting from swimming, sunset cruise, cute cafes snd cats to the donkey ride, learning sirtaki, making pottery and so much more.

And as usual, here are some photos to summarize my writings somehow. Enjoy!


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