Into the Woods 🌲

Into the woods,

The time is now

We have to live,

I don’t care how…

Imagine a person, who is obsessed with mystery, everything in the fantastic genre, darkness and nature. And now imagine the satisfaction of that person spending time in the woods, among big trees, with their even bigger shadows, where even mortals feel something mysterious. I hope you can do it.

For the introvert sociopath like me it was literally heaven. After being in different places, where I feel great, where I enjoy every second of life, where I am the completely happy , I ask myself what I am doing in a big city, where life runs faster than the Road Runner. I haven’t found the answer yet, I guess it’s a life lesson that I should pass.

But back to the woods. The perfection of nature amazes me every single time. Just like sea, it is the place, where you feel the most connected with your inner self, your soul and God. The nature, silence and the atmosphere make you think about your life, make you understand what is essential, what is temporary and unnecessary in this life. And one of the best things is that you spend only a few hours in fresh air and nature , but those few hours change your life and worldview somehow.

Besides spiritual enjoyment, I love the mystery of the woods. I really felt myself like in one of the HP or Tim Burton’s movies. The only problem is that you wait for something magical to happen, but it doesn’t…Or does it? 🌿


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