Mischief Managed ⚡️

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good “

These lines, this story, my life.  People used to tell me that this is just a phase, and it will go away. They can’t even realise how wrong they were.  For all the mugles, who will read this and be confused, I’ll explain. I’n talkin now about Harry Potter, aka a part of my life. Why I suddenly felt inspired of it, is because I haven’t watched all the movies for almost two years. Can you imagine it Carl? Two years! It’s like if a normal person wouldn’t sleep for like two days, that’s what it means to me. I just re-watched the third part of the franchise, and that’s why I feel so inspired now. 

You know the feeling when you watched a movie, for example three years ago, and then, when you re-watch it, you remember that period of your life? When I watch Harry Potter, I can remember my whole life, without any exaggerations. I can remember the first time I watched this third movie, when I just bought the cassette tape with it, imagine now, how old is this memory. I can remember me watching the movie in my first grade, second grade, and so on, until now. What I mean, is it wasn’t just a phase. It was a great part of my childhood, teenage years, of my life. It was never just an interest, that I’d read and watch and then forget.

A lot of people wonder why it is so important for me. I don’t think I can give a satisfying explanation but I can try. I grew up with Harry. He grew up with me. I was there for him in his difficult times, and vice versa. When I had problems, difficulties, I always remembered that I wasn’t alone. This story, and Hogwarts was like a home for me,  a shelter, where I could hide from everythin, where I felt myself good and safe. Hogwarts is more close to me, than my real school ever was. When I think of it, I imagine a very cozy, warm and happy place, where I can always find help and peace. Being an extraordinary and creative child, it was always hard live in a normal and boring world. So the imaginary world of HP always helped me get through this life. I always cried and rejoiced for everything in that story, and I know that it’s kinda stupid, but I always felt like the story did the same for me. And nothing has ever changed until now. 

The music is a whole other topic to talk about. I love to listen to the soundtracks of the movies, they are too damn perfect. I once wrote that, while listening to these songs, I don’t want to breathe, because I am afraid that I can lose the music that is inside me. I can’t describe the feeling that I have when listening to this music. It’s goosebumps all over my body, butterflies in my stomach, and a hard but at the same time an amazing feeling in my heart. I don’t just listen to the songs. I live with and by them. Especially in rainy gloomy  weather, when I can feel more like in HP world. The dark sky and lush green trees and the croak of ravens remind me so much of Hogwarts, and it is the best combination for me.

I really hope that nobody will take me to a mental hospital after all this weird stuff that I wrote. I just haven’t felt so good and inspired for a very long while. I’m just forever thankful to HP for breaking into my life and changing it forever, changing me forever. I am absolutely sure that I wouldn’t be the same person as I am now without it. And I’m always grateful for that. 


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