The end of an era…

After a long deep conversation you feel like you need to write down everything you were just saying, because, though the conversation is over, the words are still speaking in your mind. 

Everything changes. I know I said it too much, but that’s the true. Every era ends, no matter whether it is a bad and sad era, or a good and happy one. And it just hurts, when you live your life now, you see some people and speak to them, laugh with them, but you know, that one day, these all will only be a memory. And even if that one day will come in 5 or 10 years, it still hurts to know that everything comes to its end. You are young now, you enjoy your life, have fun with your friends, but one day, you will be someone’s wife, someone’s mother, and the same will be with your friends. I am not saying that it is bad to be married, I’m bringing this as an example. You will not be same, and no one will. You can’t just sit and talk with your friends for hours like you used to do, when you become a mother, for example. You’ll have another interests or problems to think about. 

Or sometimes people just leave, and even if it’s for your own sake, there are times, that you miss the period of your life, when you spend your every day with that person. You don’t want that person to be in your life again, but you still think about your adventures together. Sometimes you miss the memories and not the person. And it’s true, it always is. A  person can still be in your life, you can still see them every now and then, but your connection or relationship is not the same, because you have changed, and because that person has chaned, and it doesn’t matter wherher you changed for good or bad, you are a different person now. I know that this is not a discovery, it is a true fact, that you always know. But it’s different to know and to realize. As Sherlock would say, “you see, but you don’t observe”. I always knew all these things, now that I am saying, but now it is a time for me to feel this, to feel the pain of the paradox of life. When you get comfortable in a place, with some people, the circumstances change, and you have to get used to something again, and that circle goes unbroken. Of course, I know, that everything has a reason, that everything happens for us to learn sth new, to develop our mind and soul, to go on another, higher spiritual level of life, but still, the truth hurts sometimes. 

All I wanted to say, is that, this will end either way, so it’s our decision, whether to enjoy this very moment completely, with our hearts and souls, or to think about past or worry about the future, loosing our life to live. It’s our choice to end up with memories or regrets. 

I don’t want to leave out my life. And  sometimes I write all this stuff not to inspire others, but to inspire myself, to see my thoughts or worries  in a formed way, to have the right motivation to live. Because, who am I kidding, we are all  more or less egoistic, and the first person we think of, is ourselves. Which isn’t that bad in reality, but this is a whole other story. 🔚


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