The Positive Side ☯️

Do you ever have a feeling that everything just goes wrong? Like you just woke up and from that very minute the whole world is against you. Everyone has such days, and we always get nervous because of the events goind wrong. I get angry too in such situations but I keep trying to see the positive sides of everything. And it usually works, maybe not at once, but at least at the end of a ‘wrong day’ I look back with less anger at what happened. I don’t talk about something particular now, it can be anything. For example, you get sick on your exam days and have to  retake them all alone, you have to take some responsibilities of your life, or do something that you’ve never done before. In such cases I think we should just face our problems or fears and overcome them, because it is life or God that gives us these lessons that we should learn, and the more we run away from them, the more complicated they become for us. And once we just stand up and do what we always feared to do, it becomes less awful and scary and we become stronger and more mature and it feels like we grow up more in that couple of days or hours than we did in a whole year.

But when the ‘wrong situations’ are some circumstances that we can’t change, for example the awful weather, or change of plans, traffic, or something else, we just should be calm about that. Of course they are unpleasant situations but if we can’t change them, why should we get nervous about them? I mean, people always say, if you can’t change the situation( God, I use this word way too much), change your attitude towards it and it is true. Let the events take place as they should, because everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know it. Everything goes as it should, and we don’t have the power to interact on God’s decisions. And besides everything has its good sides. And maybe snow on the first of November is bad and inconvenient, the roads are closed, it gets really cold, but also it is beautiful. Of course it would be better if it doesn’t snow until Christmas, for instance, but it is what it is, we can’t change it right, so we should enjoy it. The little miracle that snow makes, especially at night, when the lights of the lamp posts  reflect on the snow and sparkle. It really reminds me of Narnia and Mr Tumnus ❄️✨ 

So what I was saying is that we shouldn’t be so dramatic about everything bad that happens in our lives. We should accept it and try to stay cool because the only person we hurt by our anger or nervousness is us. Life is a really beautiful and great thing, we should live it, not survive.


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