One Summer Story 🌻

It’s late May. The last days of it, actually. The thought of upcoming summer doesn’t bring any excitement. She even regrets her favorite season ending and the thought of hot as hell days isn’t the most pleasant one. June 1. Everyone keeps talking about the first day of summer, but for her it’s nothing but just a date. The next few days is the same situation until one night. One night she can’t sleep. She opens the window and finally feels it. The fresh smell of the night makes her finally realize. The summer has come. She gets flooded with … Continue reading One Summer Story 🌻

The Grand Finale of 2017 🔚

Here it is. My last blog of the year. Am I the only one who thinks that time flies equally fast and slowly? Like when I remember a day, it seems both like it was hundred years ago and only yesterday. I don’t think I wrote it right, but whatever. I wanted to summarize this year somehow. 2017 was I reckon one the best years. But to tell the truth, I say this to every year. But before I start, I want to say sth else, really quickly. Some people, or unfortunately most people nowadays hate their every year. Every … Continue reading The Grand Finale of 2017 🔚