Into the Woods 🌲

Into the woods, The time is now We have to live, I don’t care how… Imagine a person, who is obsessed with mystery, everything in the fantastic genre, darkness and nature. And now imagine the satisfaction of that person spending time in the woods, among big trees, with their even bigger shadows, where even mortals feel something mysterious. I hope you can do it. For the introvert sociopath like me it was literally heaven. After being in different places, where I feel great, where I enjoy every second of life, where I am the completely happy , I ask myself … Continue reading Into the Woods 🌲

Wave after wave 🌊

Sea. Magnificent and wonderful sea. I know that I’m old for stuff like this, but I really want to become a mermaid. To live under the sea, to live and breathe it. So much calmness and power in its waves. I don’t envy people, but I sometimes envy the nature. How perfect it is. And I’m looking at the same sea I was looking at 4 years ago. How much has changed. I have changed, but the sea hasn’t. But there is still a part of me that is still the same and probably will never change. The inspired and … Continue reading Wave after wave 🌊

Warmth of Barcelona 🌞🇪🇸

Warm and sunny Spain. And I’m not talking about the weather. The cities, the nature, people and the general atmosphere are warm (even if it’s a cloudy and cold day) and hospitable. You can always feel yourself welcomed. This country is alive. I can’t find other words to describe it. It’s alive, it’s living its best life. It’s like it is always summer and holidays here. You can never get bored here, there’s always something interesting and entertaining going on, and not only in the big cities. I can’t say that I am in love with Barcelona, because though it’s … Continue reading Warmth of Barcelona 🌞🇪🇸

Gothic Vienna 🇦🇹

How fast time flies. It feels like it was yesterday, that I was living my dream in Vienna, and now I’m back  home, left with memories and photos only. So, I’d like to summarize my little holiday week in a blog with all my impressions and photos. I want to start by saying that it was a city of gloomy weather. And not because I love that weather. It just felt right when it was cloudy, and incomplete when sun was shining. All the buildings were in different colors with red or dark brown roofs, and their brightness was more … Continue reading Gothic Vienna 🇦🇹