I’m awake on this rainy day☁️💙

What is rain? Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated. Sorry for complicated terms, though I didn’t even read it by myself, just copied from Wikipedia (what would we do without this wonderful web-site?). By asking what is rain I didnt mean its definition, just what it means to you? Does it have the same sense for all the people? I don’t know why I am always interested in the things like this, but it is the true. People, who hate rain, I’m asking to you-are you crazy? … Continue reading I’m awake on this rainy day☁️💙

Nothing lasts forever ✖️➰✖️

“Sometimes forever is just a second”.  And if you think how much can change that one second. A new life, a new death, a happy meet or a sad goodbye. Sometimes you want that one second to really last forever, cause it is everything that you need. And you look carefully and attentively trying to keep every single detail of that moment in your mind, because later it will be the only thing left with you, in your memory. Nothing lasts forever, so it’s better not to get attached to anything so badly because it hurts. Never say never, but … Continue reading Nothing lasts forever ✖️➰✖️

Forever a Potterhead ⚡️❤️

May the 2. For many and many people it is just a simple fay like others. But nor for me. And not for any other Potterhead as me. For those who don’t know, 2 May of 1998 is the Battle of Hogwarts. On this day Harry Potter killed Voldermort and the war was over, and so was the famous story of HP. But not in my heart. Never.   But I don’t want to talk about the plot. I want to speak about my feelings which are too many ti describe them all, therefore I’ll try.  Every year on this … Continue reading Forever a Potterhead ⚡️❤️


I always write something positive in my blogs, but I cant do it right now, because I dont feel it in my soul. I dont want to pretend that everything is good when it isnt, even if the reason is small, or at least smaller than it could be. No, I dont fall in love with a person who doesnt love me. I dont have problems with either my parents or my friends. I have problems with myself. For a moment I just feel lost. Lost in this life, lost in my dreams or aims or something else. I dont … Continue reading Lost…

Enjoy your every day ♥

Im so inspired now, that I  dont know how to start this blog. How amazing it is, when there are people or events which can inspire and make you realize that you can fulfil your dreams and that feels great. When you just read or see something and you keep smiling just for nothing but it is everything for you in that moment. Sometimes we all criticize ourselves and complain about some small problems that we have, ignoring what great things we really do have. Health, family, friends, life and the chance to live, the  possibility to change your life … Continue reading Enjoy your every day ♥

Music on, Everything off.🎼🎶

Is it just for me, when listening to a three-minutes-song I feel all kind of emotions-from happiness to sadness? Am I the only one, who finds advice, medicine or just memories in one song? When you listen to some songs, you used to listen a couple of years or months ago and you remember every single day, person and even some smell connected with that period of your life. And you imagine some scenes and you see some photos in your mind and you just keep smiling like a crazy. And you know that you have to wake up early … Continue reading Music on, Everything off.🎼🎶

Inspiration of Night Time ⭐️🌙

Have you ever felt yourself infinite just for nothing? Nothing special happens but right now I do, I feel infinite, as Charlie would say(p.s. it’s one of my most favorite books and movies, I advise you to become acquainted with this story-The Perks of Being a Wallflower). Listining to Asleep by The Smiths and just feeling all alone in this world, only me, the lights of the night-city and free hours. Everything that I need for a good time for me and my soul. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm to you, thanks for the attitude, my non-existent fans ^_^ Continue reading Inspiration of Night Time ⭐️🌙

Memories💞Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Нет ничего приятнее воспоминаний, хотя и мне кажется, что они никогда не бывают только счастливыми. Знаете почему? Потому что, если оно плохое, то точно никак не может пробудить счастье. Веселые и счастливые воспоминания, в свою очередь, имеют “темную сторону”, то есть, ты вспоминаешь какой-то счастливый момент в своей жизни и ты точно знаешь, что это уже прошло и никогда не повторится снова. Даже если сейчас твоя жизнь намного круче, чем была тогда и ты чувствуешь себя в два раза счастливее, всё равно, тебе бы хотелось хоть на минуту оказаться в какое-то конкретное время и пережить то, что когда-то пережил.  … Continue reading Memories💞Follow my blog with Bloglovin


                           Welcome     Hi everyone! Today is a special day for me, cause I finally decided to restart writing again. What makes me do this, I don’t know, but here we are, my new blog! I love writing my opinion, my thoughts about  different topics, and I hope it’ll be interesting for everyone. Though I write in two languages-Russian and English, neither of them is my native languages. I cant announce some particular dates, when I will write, because it’s all connected with my inspiration, mood and … Continue reading Welcome✨