Collect moments, not things 〰

I love the moments when I get inspired and motivated by something or someone and that it really makes me think about life, its sense, people and their dreams or aims. Have you ever thought what is the sense, the meaning, the aim of life? Money? Love? Being famous? The answers are so different, but in my humble opinion the right answer is the follow shocking sentence. There is no sense or aim for a life. Or we can paraphrase the sentence and say The meaning of life is nothing. Yes it is. Because life is what is happening at … Continue reading Collect moments, not things 〰

Christmas time 🎄

It’s Christmas time in the city. I’m so Christmasy right now, though the Christmas Day already passed. But there is still New Year coming. It’s the best of the year, with all the Christmas cheer.. I know that I use the word Christmas too much, but I don’t care, I love it. It’s not about the presents or anything else.. It’s the lights, spirit of the holidays, happy gatherings with friends and family, and of course it’s all about magic. And no, you are never old for magic, for believing. It’s the time when strangers in the streets are somehow … Continue reading Christmas time 🎄

Throwback 〰🌙

Summer. New beginning. Night. Fresh air. And old songs. This is everything for me, that very magical moment, when you feel like there is a time machine. In music, in smells, in your head. Every summer has its own story. And sometimes you want to ‘re-read’ an old story. And you remember everything but during that you think how much everything has changed. How much you have changed. Once a small yard was a whole big world for me. Later I discovered that there is another, bigger world behind this small one, but sometimes you want to go back you … Continue reading Throwback 〰🌙


You know what is the best thing in life? Watching back at yourself and realizing that you have changed. Well, at least personally, for me it is one of the best things. When watching even a month back you find yourself more stable and..maybe old? I don’t mean the bad way of the word. I can’t even understand myself, how I am expecting others to do so… Ok, I mean, that when I look back at myself at some point of my life, I realize how much my way of thinking, worldview, and my thoughts and even soul changed. I … Continue reading Changes…✨

And so she drifted…🌊

Do you have such times when your eyes are dry but your soul cries? Right now I am having such moment. How fast time flies. It was like yesterday that I was feeling so good because I finally found myself in this world, and today this very world is going to end. I’d been upside down and couldn’t find paradise on the ground,  and after finding it now I’m going to lose it. Sucks, doesn’t  it? And this is the moment when even the good and happy songs seem dark and sad to you, and like you are going to … Continue reading And so she drifted…🌊

Life is what it is ✔️

Sometimes you have to just acknowledge that life is what it is, and no one can change it. It has both its happy and sad moments, highs and falls and everything else. That’s what it is. If there weren’t cold nights, we wouldn’t appreciate the warm days. If there wasn’t the sour taste in food, we wouldn’t enjoy the sweet and tasty ones. And I’m talking not about food or night. I’m talking about life. You couldn’t  enjoy the minute of sunset or sunrise if it would be endless, because you will be tired of it after some time. What … Continue reading Life is what it is ✔️

Live the moment 💖

I really dont know what I am going to write but I just can’t stand not sharing my inspirational mood. The best thing in life is when the words and the thoughts that are in your mind are being said from someone else and you understand that you are not alone thinking or feeling that way. And no matter who is that person, a celebrity, a writer or just your friend, you realize that even if you are not alike to 99% of the people there always will be that 1% that will think that you are cool, and it’s … Continue reading Live the moment 💖

Summer Inspiration ☀️💜

Hi everyone !! It’s already summer yohoo ☀️ You are probably wondering what the hell is she talking about, it’s been almsot 2 months of summer..But yeah, I just felt the summer, the inspiration of it and I just love it, the hot weather, cold drinks and of course the summer playlist of the best songs for me. I feel so connected to music and art lately that I can’t live without them even a day. In summer you try to create your own perfect world and begin a new life, doing what you’ve planned to do for a long … Continue reading Summer Inspiration ☀️💜