Easter Inspiration 🐣

Happy Easter, everyone!

Since I’m facing another yet period of writer’s block, when I have absolutely no inspiration or ideas of what to write about, I decided to make a short photography-post, because when words fail, photos come to the rescue. They always manage to capture and convey the atmosphere of the things that surround you, or life in general.

I love doing anything related to holidays. When you do the annual rituals, get the holiday’s symbols out and decorate your place, putting all the little pieces together, it always brings your joy, comfort and peace. I guess that’s why any type of holidays were created in the first place. To feel at ease, to celebrate life.

For me, Easter is always a combination of all the possible colors. It has the pastel side, with pinks, purples and blues, it has the yellow, green and red combo, and of course the natural colors. This year I opted for the latter, as it feels like the perfect representation of this year’s mood. Not because it’s sad, simple because it’s more minimalistic and calm. However, I still couldn’t “escape” some brighter colors, as it’s kinda inevitable for this holiday. Or any other, tbh.

As I said, this post has no deep meanings, just enjoy some photography of this and last years, be inspired and have a fun and exciting Easter! 🐣🥚🌿



  1. Those are wonderful photos.

    My favourites are of the Easter Egg with Peter Cottontail on it carrying an Easter 🐣 picnic basket 🧺 and the one of the cat 🐈 touching the Easter eggs 🥚.


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