The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature 🌳

Sometimes it feels like I’m an ambassador of nature, who’s paying me to praise it over and over again. But somehow that’s not true, I swear.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve most probably noticed, that I talk about nature a lot. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever written an advice type of post without mentioning spending time in nature. So, for this one I decided to talk about all its benefits, the reasons why I love being in nature and why I think it’s important for anyone to dedicate their times to mother Earth.

1. You breathe pure oxygen and get vitamin D. Let’s start with the most obvious ones. Due to all these industrial and technological developments, it is nearly impossible to find pure air in the cities, especially the metropolises. Constantly breathing the smog is really bad for the organism, so we all need to compensate it with as much fresh air as possible. As for Vitamin D, I don’t know why everyone’s now fighting against the sun, considering sunbathes extremely unhealthy (while it’s not, in a moderation ofc). In reality there are even official statistics that people who live in sunny countries are healthier due to the massive amount of Vitamin D.

2. You forget about your problems. Or find a solution to them. Being in nature automatically clears your mind and heart. You stop thinking about all the issues and difficulties you have in your daily live, as your brain is now focused on observing its surroundings. And sometimes after spending some time in nature, you end up finding the perfect solutions for anything that’s been bothering you. So, I guess you can say that nature is a big brainstormer and problem solver.

3. You start appreciating the beauty of life. Life itself is so fascinating, yet we people never tend to see it. And I can say from my own experience that I started noticing the beauty of life and living after paying more attention to nature. When you see those perfect sceneries, full of different shapes and colors, combined with sunshine, or moodiness of a cloudy day, with bird chirping and the silence of the world, your worldview really does change. You then start seeking that feeling of beauty everywhere you go, and the more it goes, the more you start noticing it. Or starting to create it yourself.

4. You become inspired. If someone conducted a survey and asked all classic writer and artists what was the muse for their creations, I’m pretty sure that most of them will mention nature. Many even bought countryside houses in order to be constantly surrounded by the amazing atmosphere of nature. It is the best place to gain inspiration not only for artists, writers and any other creators, but for everyone, because once you are inspired, you feel like you can take over the world. And that’s honestly the best feeling, that’s the fuel of life.

5. You change your mindset. Everyone says that traveling changes you, and that’s absolutely true. Even if you don’t go too far, even if you revisit the places you’ve been before, these trips always have their positive influence on you. I don’t know why it happens, but every single time I get to see something new, something incredible, I feel like I become a whole different person, like the things that I saw and experienced left a big mark on me. All the enlightenment journeys are closely intertwined with nature, and I can totally understand why, because you start transforming into a better version of yourself.

6. You become more connected with yourself. You can’t hear your soul’s voice in a noisy city, with all the hustle and bustle around. That’s why if you want to get to know yourself better, the best way is to be in nature, preferably alone, in silence. That’s when you feel a strange (in a good way of the word) connection not only to this world, but to your inner self. You start understanding yourself better, as if your soul gets activated in nature and finally gains all its powers to scream what it wants in reality.

7. You become more active. And of course, once you start going on trips, hikes and walks in nature, you automatically become more active and healthy. Walking is honestly the best exercise, which doesn’t require much, but works perfectly well for your whole organism. So, that’s definitely another pro.

Now, combining all these things together, it’s safe to say that nature is the answer and cure to pretty much everything. It’s good for your mind, body and soul, for your whole being. Also, another cool thing about nature is that it’s so versatile and diverse, with mountains, forests, fields lakes, seas and rivers and so much more. You won’t find two places that are identical and you’ll never get bored with it, nature will always manage to surprise you.

I hope this post will inspire you to pay more attention to the only perfect thing created on our Earth, to appreciate it and make it an integral part of your lives.



  1. I completely agree, nature reboots and calms our nervous system. And there is nothing comparable to silence, it looks like peace, bliss.❤👍

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  2. I would NOT recommend breathing pure oxygen!! Oxygen toxicity is dangerous to one’s health and can be deadly. 😱
    However, the N2 and O2 and Argon in FRESH AIR, along with the other miniscule but not unimportant components IS healthy! 😁 AND much healthier than smog or smoke.
    Connections with “self?” Not sure that this is significant. Most of us stay very connected to our selfish ideas, even in the noise of cities.
    However, Jesus often went alone into wilderness places (think nature!😉) because that is where He could shut off the noise of the city and His own human thoughts and focus on allowing the Father to speak to Him.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • haha, yess, I know, I just typed it wrong 😂 as for connecting with self, I meant our true selves, which is our heart and soul, which has nothing to do with ego or selfishness. in those minutes we listen not to our thoughts, rather our intuition, which always knows the right answer. thanks for your comment! 😄

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