7 Ways to Prepare for Spring 🌷

Can you believe it’s already spring? Me neither.

I feel like every transitional period from one season to another can be a little tricky and rough. Psychologists call it a seasonal depression, while doctors think it’s a natural state of our bodies, because just like the nature outside, we go through a bunch of changes. We don’t see these changes, but we surely feel that something’s going on inside us. It can be a little weird, when you have been eagerly looking for the arrival of your favorite season, but once it comes, you feel out of sorts. So, the most important thing to remember is that it’s something natural that happens to pretty much everyone, in different ways. Once you accept this state, you’l suddenly feel much better.

However, for this post, I decided to gather some tips and activities that will help you pass the transition much easier and inspire you for the new season that’s yet to come.

1. Change your ration. In winter people crave more for heavy meals, because subconsciously our bodies remember that there might be a lack of food in the cold season, so we kind of want to guarantee our survival. But once the weather starts getting warmer, you may feel like you’ve lost your appetite, just because you don’t wanna eat the same dishes again. And that’s when seasonal fruits and veggies come to the rescue. Add more greenery to your ration, make smoothies, salads, veggie sandwiches. Believe me, you will instantly feel much better and more energized. And of course, don’t forget about drinking lots of water.

2. Spend more time in fresh air. Even if the nature hasn’t bloomed yet, even if you can’t see a single green spot on the trees, you’ll still notice the touch of spring in the air. So, try to go out more, breathe the chill air after a rainy day, or soak the sunlight and get as much vitamin D as possible, listen to the bird chirping and relax. And when you’re at home or in your office, make sure to open the windows every now and then to refresh the room.

3. Start being more active. This advice is kind of intertwined with the last one, because once you start spending more time outside, you’ll already bring activity into your life. If winter is the lazy and chill period of the year, where you need more sleep and rest, spring is the opposite. It has a dynamic energy, and if you want to feel in harmony with it (or with yourself), start being more active, whether it’d be walking, dancing, doing pilates or jogging.

4. Surround yourself with plants and flowers. You know why we often feel a little down in the beginning of spring? Because we want to see it in its lush colors, but the nature hasn’t reawakened yet. So, while you’re waiting for the world to bloom and blossom, you can create some spring vibes in your own place. Get new plants, make a little greenhouse corner in your balcony or even the living room, work with soil, plant new seeds. And since flowers are the treasure of this season, don’t hesitate to add new fresh bouquets to your interior.

5. Do more self-care. I guess this tip is more universal for every season, but just like our organisms crave for more healthy food , our skin/hair/nails also need some vitamins. Try to have low-key pamper days every week, and you’ll see yourself glowing after a short while.

6. Make a list of new goals and dreams. Spring is the time of new beginnings (even more than January). When you see the nature changing, you subconsciously want some changes for yourself as well. The lack of new things in your life you may result in melancholic mood. So, write a list with big and small goals or dreams and start accomplishing them. You can even write some sort of a “bucket list” with all the fun and seasonal things you’d love to do during these three months.

7. Change your wardrobe and style. I know, this may seem unimportant or stupid, but I personally feel like every time I’ve bought even one or two news clothing items for spring, it made me more excited for the season. This can be the start of your “new beginning” journey, with a new style, which will make you feel more confident. And of course changing your hairstyle also counts, especially if you get the guts for some drastic changes.



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