Changes Always Happen 🔛

Why are people afraid of changes, have you thought about that? Through years and centuries changes have always happened, and usually they brought improvements, yet people still don’t trust anything new. Just think about it, how uncomfortable life was until 20th century, without constant water, electricity and various appliances. I am a huge fan of those old eras, and I would really love to live in the simpler times, but even I understand that life now is much simpler, with more possibilities for every single person.

We can see how those things changed our lives to the better, but still, whenever something new happens, we resist, without understanding it. Just like back in the day people would call electricity the devil’s work, we too think that everything new is evil.

Even if we take our personal lives, and not something big and common, we’re still terrified of changes. Some more, some less, but it’s a fact. We may not enjoy our jobs, but don’t have the guts to leave it, because we’re afraid of not finding something better. We don’t love our partners anymore, but don’t want to break up in order not to end up alone. We feel uncomfortable in our tiny flats, but don’t even consider about moving to another place.

Some people would call it a comfort zone and our unwillingness to step out of it, but let’s be honest, sometimes that zone is far from being a comfort one. So, I don’t really reckon that it’s merely connected with it. I guess there’s something in our mindset, maybe an instinct that lives with us ever since we appeared on this world.

But the thing is, whether we want it or not, things change. I was thinking about this recently, that even if we don’t willingly change something in our lives ourselves, things change even without our “permission”. Let’s see this in an example. I live in the same neighborhood, where I was born. So, even if I haven’t decided to move to somewhere else myself, my surroundings are already changing. The buildings I used to know as a child are getting demolished one by one, being replaced by huge skyscrapers. The neighbors that I grew up with are leaving their houses, with new people settling in. The little shops I used to do my groceries in, are being closed… So, imagine if I didn’t want to leave this place because I was attached to people or maybe the surroundings were comfortable with their shops and everything. Still, I would reluctantly end up in a “new environment” because I couldn’t prevent things from happening the way they’re supposed to.

I guess what we should do is just be more accepting and flexible. First and foremost, we need to understand that life goes on, and without changes there would be regression and degradation. We can’t do anything to stop this process, but there are two things we can do. First, we need to appreciate this moment that we have, before it’s too late already. And second, we need to stop fighting and accept this world and all its rules, no matter our personal likes or dislikes.

When you start believing in fate and the power of the universe or God, life gets much simpler, as you get more relaxed and go with the flow of life, eager to see where it’ll take you. It’s not always easy, but that’s something to ponder about.

I don’t know what was the point of this post, but I haven’t written in a long while, and decided to share some thoughts I got. Also, sorry about using the word “change” for thousands of times in one single post.



  1. Cool post, I agree with you, changes always happen, resistance is useless, you just need to accept them with the understanding that novelty is good and interesting.👍❤


  2. I do like changes. I’m bored if nothing changes in my life. thanks for the interesting post and for reading my posts 🙂


  3. Our attitude to change makes the biggest difference. Do we fight the change or do we look for the opportunities to see where we fit and how we can learn and grow. I love how you state it … without changes there would be regression and degradation. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. As they say change is the only constant in life whether we want it or not change always happen.

    I loved reading this post so much. Your thoughts about change was absolutely insightful to read. Wonderful! ♥️


  5. Granted the flow of changes throughout the centuries has brought improvements to most people’s lives, but there HAVE been changes that moved us backwards, such as changes in events in war or slavery or abuse of people. The problems of humankind have not changed for the six or seven millennia we have been organized. We are still selfish, comfort driven, short-time focused and ultimately in need of a Saviour; one who will and can forgive our sin and who can change us into other-loving persons who prioritize what is right over what is convenient and focus our attention on the eternal.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • you’re absolutely right! sadly these changes are not always positive! But I guess that’s life. We need to have both good and bad in order to keep the balance and appreciate the good! thank you! 😄

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