A Walk Through Narnia Woods 🌲

Is there something more mesmerizing than a forest? There certainly is – a forest in winter.

You know how much I adore nature in every single season. But I’ve never fully explored the winter one so far. Only a couple of days ago I got to see how fascinating winter is. Now I understand why most old poets or artists we’re mainly inspired in the coldest time of the year, because once you see the beauty around, it kind of awakens your soul, giving a fresh portion of inspiration and a strong desire to create. Sadly, sometimes nothing can capture the feelings you had while seeing all those sceneries. Photos, videos, words – these all work great, yet never enough.

I can describe the winter forest in one phrase: it felt like actual Narnia. If you have seen the first movie of the series you’ll understand that excitement, that fantasy world. Somehow it transfers to our mortal one, which once again proves that Narnia exists, even if it’s in our point of view of this life.

Everything was perfect: the snow was crunching underneath my boots, a whole big white canvas, that belonged just to me. And to some animals, who already left their tracks, claiming their territory. The snow was falling, with big snowflakes whirling in the air, before reaching their final destination. The trees were all covered in a while blanket, the evergreens having the perfect combination of white and green. The birds were chirping to kind of remind us that the forest is alive. The person who said that winter is the time when the nature is dead, has clearly never been to the woods before. Because it felt more alive than ever. And the little squirrels, who were jumping from tree to tree, or just enjoying their little snacks. With no other people and noise around, it truly felt surreal, like I actually transferred to Narnia. I could even hear its amazing soundtracks playing in my head, and was honestly waiting for Aslan or Mr. Tumnus to come out from the depths of the woods.

If words weren’t enough to describe that wonderful experience, I hope photos will manage to handle that task. Enjoy! 🌨🌲🐿



  1. Absolutely amazing photos!! They “almost” transport the viewer into Narnia, or at least to a Croatian (??) forest. And your description certainly helps in pulling us in… into a winter wonderland in which I wish I could stay. However, it is true that when one experiences such a touch of the Divine Presence that even sharing it with another seems tawdry and lessens the thrill of being THERE.
    But THANX so much for sharing these views and your experience. I’ve always been convinced since childhood that snow is one of the most profound pieces of evidence that God exists. So many details have to be just “perfect” for the little white miracles to occur and to settle on our earth that it is unimaginable that anyone other than a Master Architect could have ever conceived of it.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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