Green-Schemed Christmas Decor Inspiration 🎄

I was originally planning to make this post in the beginning of December, to inspire for this year’s decor theme, but, as we all know, life loves to live by its own rules. A couple of Christmas pillowcases I ordered arrived just a couple of days ago, and since I’m a big perfectionist when it comes to things like this, I decided to wait, because without them the image wouldn’t be whole.

And maybe this post doesn’t make any sense now, cause most people have probably already decorated their places, but I don’t really care. I just want to capture this year’s details.

When it comes to Christmas, I always opt for warmer and brighter colors, you know, the traditional red-green-golden trio. But this year my soul’s been craving lots of earthy colors and details, so I decided to go for it. A few years ago, I’ve been wanting to do a Narnia theme, and this year’s decor is quite similar, with green representing the evergreens and lots of white for snow.

The most important part is the bed area, as it is the most prominent in the room. The bedding is khaki green and the pillows are mostly white-cream colored, with evergreens, mistletoes and wreaths on them, giving the perfect vintage farm vibes. Can you spot Sammy’s tail?

This year I decided to separate the photo grid, with one section having polaroids with some Christmas memories, and the other portraying the most amazing retro cards as well as some ornaments. And, of course, the little cardboard houses, which I diy-ed.

Above the bed and the grid I hung an artificial foliage with star garland and twinkle lights. It looks so magical, and I’m really glad it didn’t fall on my while I’m asleep, because there are only three little nails holding this whole thing up.

The shelves corner is my most favorite in the whole room, it looks absolutely fascinating with snow (or to be more precise – cotton) and lots of green details – books, little tree figurines, lamps, candles and even a bird and a penguin ( whom I named Patty and Peggy respectively).

All together this whole corner looks absolutely amazing, just like I imagined. It totally gives me a snowy forest or dreamy Narnia vibes.

Another important change I did this year, was putting the tree on my desk around the window. This way, I see it all the time: when I work, it’s right there, on my right side, when I chill on my bed, it looks directly at me. And when I turn the lights on, they get reflected on the window – a pure magic. Now I must give a huge thanks to Sammy for not dropping the tree, as this corner has been her walking and jumping place. She loves hanging out under the tree, which is so cute.

Since I had lots of beautiful interior items in red, I couldn’t completely escape this color, so you can see some red touches on my desk. But still there’s so much green in the room, that I don’t mind seeing these colors as well. Also the cotton taking the role of snow unites all the little corners, as they kinda share the same theme and look put together.

This small corner I like to call Winter Wonderland. It’s all white, like a snowy little town. At least I got some fake snowy scenery in here, since the weather doesn’t want to create one outside.

These last few pieces aren’t actually in my bedroom, but I wanted to include them as well, as they have the same atmosphere. There’s the same foliage with stars and light, with a Christmas cottage and Frosty the Snowman guarding it. A few lamps, candles, pinecones and woodland elements also remind of nature and Narnia, even if they’re in brighter colors.

I know it’s soon, but I’ll hardly make any post until Christmas, so merry Christmas everyone! 🎄✨



  1. Umm, I am already married to Anita, so I cannot marry Christmas, and I do not even know any women named Christmas, anyway. 😁
    But MERRY Christmas to you, my dear friend. 😉 I hope your holidays are as bright and cheerful as your amazing decor!!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • ahaha 😂 that’s why I need to double and triple proofread my posts, because I always make silly mistakes like this 😂 thanks a lot, wish you and Anita very lovely holidays 😄🎄

      Liked by 1 person

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