Romanticize Your Life ✨

I love following different trends in internet. It makes understanding people and their psychology much easier, when you see what they want and how they think. Of course, internet doesn’t give the complete image, but still it’s a great way to analyze people.

I’ve talked a lot about various trends, that seem beneficial or motivational, but in reality are just manipulative methods to control people. Everything is business now, so most of the time people conceal their products or service under this fake motivation. And people buy it.

But today I want to talk about probably the only trend that I’ve been loving so far. I don’t know if it has a proper name or not, but I call it “romanticizing your life“. It is mostly expressed through videos (though sometimes photos or writings too), when people show their ordinary, mundane life but with a different perspective. Everything they do – work, study, run errands, meet friends, work out – they romanticize it, showing it like something great, interesting and dreamy. If you see these clips, you’ll feel like you’re watching short trailers for people’s lives, and it’s amazing.

This trend is everything I’ve been talking about and trying to convey for years. It’s all about appreciating your life, your every single day, your routine, even the “boring” one. Living in the moment, enjoying the little things and being grateful. Not being competitive and hating yourself for not achieving ginormous goals, that aren’t even sincerely yours. Not trying to become “that girl“, which is another stupid trend, urging everyone to always be perfect, disciplined, and live like a robot.

Romanticizing your life is actually the best answer to your problems. Some people may think that it’s like seeing the world through pink glasses, but this isn’t the case. This lifestyle isn’t about deceiving yourself, thinking that everything is perfect. It’s about accepting things as they are, living your life without fake ambitions and working towards your true goal. At least that’s how I see it. Of course, it does have its certain “rules“, behavior or artificial things that people’ve connected with it, but the main idea of it is what I’ve already described.

You know how is this trend different from others? Let’s compare this one with the “that girl” trend, for instance (just because I don’t really know the names of others). When someone watches a video with “that girl” lifestyle, they instantly feel guilty about not corresponding with that image. Or they want to become that, so they just copy everything “that girl” does, betraying their true identity. While if the same person watches a video with the “romanticized lifestyle“, they’ll understand that every life is beautiful and that will prompt them to appreciate and enjoy their own lives and days. They’ll start creating their own “perfect“, filling it with things that brings them joy. That’s the difference.

So, as you see, internet isn’t always that bad. It has lots of negative sides, but definitely has the positive ones as well. Choose your side wisely, and your life will become much more meaningful and interesting.



  1. We should let everyone live their own life, whatever it would be. Everyone’s life can be unique if you allow it to be and if you accept your uniqueness.😍

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  2. A friend’s meme recently: Remember when we used to take pictures of our plate of supper food, go to the camera shop and drop off the film, wait a week and collect the pictures, and then take them to all our neighbors and show them off!? Yeah, neither do I.” 😂
    When some friends started on FB years ago, I remember seeing so many postings about daily trivia and drivel that no one really cares about.
    As for “romanticizing your life,” this can be a good thing as long as you keep perspective about what is real and what is day-dreamt, and recognize that we all put our “best face forward.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • haha loved that joke! though, I remember when someone would print the photos, we loved watching the albums together, especially if we knew we’re in them 😂 I agree, people now put everything out there, but at least we can do it with a good message, something that will inspire or motivate others. thanks for your comment! 😄

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