6 Reasons to Start Loving Autumn 🍁

I think it’s no secret, that autumn is my most favorite time of the year. I’ve complimented this season a lot throughout the years in my posts, praising the nature, telling what I like about it. But I never made a whole separate post with all the advantages of autumn.

Since many many people seem to hate and not enjoy this wonderful time of the year, I always feel like it’s my sacred duty to persuade people, making them see all the beauty and good sides of autumn. So, here are 6 main reasons, why you should start loving autumn:

1. Chill Weather.

This is actually the primary cause of why people don’t love autumn. But hear me out. Cold weather it’s much better than hot one. Hot weather makes people feel unmotivated, tired and lazy, not wanting to move or do anything. While on a cold day your body will subconsciously want to be active and you will feel much fresher and more energetic. Plus, if it’s cold, you can wear thick clothes, drink some hot tea and get warm. Whereas there’s no remedy for hot weather, even if you walk around naked, it still won’t help. So, chill weather is one of the main things I look forward after the summer heat.

2. Fascinating Colors of Nature.

Each season has its own beauty, there’s something amazing in every single time of the year. But let’s agree, that no other season is as colorful, as autumn. Even spring with all its greenery, blossomed trees and flowers can’t compare with autumn. Fall is like a big color palette, with different shades of yellow, green, orange, red and brown. Imagine all these colors together, it’s like an explosion of all the warmer tones. And when it rains, reflecting all these colors from beneath, the world looks like one bug autumn fairytale.

3. Cozy Mood

During the cold seasons, all the outer warmth of summer shifts inside. Even the concept of hygge was inspired by a cold thunderstorm night, which makes people appreciate the feeling of home, warmth and comfort even more. Especially if you add some more attributes, like candles, lamps and fairy lights, blankets and pillows. Or when the whole house gets filled with the most delicious scent of candles burning or fresh baking, making everything much cozier. And if you happen to have a fireplace then consider yourself twice as lucky. There’s a soothing feeling about the cozy autumnal atmosphere. Even people who hate the cold, admit, that rainy nights make them sleep so much better. That’s all because it somehow managed to calm our inner world, making us feel at peace.

4. Fashion

One of the multiple reasons I always look forward to autumn is the fashion. I don’t follow any trends, but one thing I know for sure: autumnal style is the best. There’s just so many options to experiment with different layers, textures and colors. I love trying out and mixing various styles, like grunge, dark academia, cozy style… And there’s so much to choose from: sweaters, leather jackets and boots, cardigans, flannels, plaid clothes, vests and coats. Autumn is the time of the year I start loving dressing up, because it feels like another creative task or challenge, to create an amazing look from everything that you have.

5. Slow and Quiet Life

In summer, life is in full swing. There’s so much going on, it feels like you’re in a rollercoaster of events, activities and emotions. With autumn approaching, life starts to slow down and become more peaceful. Some people think that slow or quiet is synonymous to sad and depressing, which is completely wrong. The concept of slow living is becoming more and more popular, because people finally understood that we need to be in harmony with our souls and the world, and not constantly run in a hamster’s wheel, trying to compete with everyone. Autumn gives us that opportunity, to unwind, recharge and focus on our inner selves. It doesn’t mean that you have to sit still and do nothing for the whole season, absolutely not. You still go out, meet people, have fun, enjoy your life, but the general atmosphere of autumn is truly relaxing, giving you a break between the summer fun and the holiday madness, which is soon to come. Speaking of which…

6. Holidays Coming

This period is the season of all great holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. These bright events sometimes can become the light at the end of a dark tunnel. You can see a photo of Halloween decorations or hear a small part of Jingle Bells yet in September, and, no matter how old you are, a warm feeling will appear in your heart, scaring all your troubles away. Since childhood we remember that holidays are the best time of the year, as we have lots of great memories of them. When we grow up, we understand that holidays can also bring us lots of additional “problems and responsibilities“. However, despite that, our brain will subconsciously feel much better even from a single thought of festive days coming soon. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s something amazing about the atmosphere of any holiday in the city, with all the decorations, events and general mood, which seem to unity us all for a short while.



  1. I also really love autumn, its colors and atmosphere, and Iespecially I love the autumn sun, so gentle and affectionate😍👍


  2. Hot weather makes people feel unmotivated, tired and lazy, not wanting to move or do anything. While on a cold day your body will subconsciously want to be active and you will feel much fresher and more energetic. “I would totally agree on this”


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