Rainy Day in a Botanical Garden 🍁

When you are out of topics to write, nature always comes to the rescue!

No matter what everyone else says, for me autumn is the lushest and most colorful season. You will never see such diverse and saturated colors in any other time of the year. Sometimes nature looks like it was majorly photoshopped in order to look so picturesque. The world becomes a fairy tale, where every corner feels magical and mystical, especially if the sky’s gloomy, emphasizing the colors of the trees.

One of my mini-dreams was to see the botanical garden in autumn. Every year I wanted to visit it, yet somehow didn’t. And this year another small dream came true, as I spent a wonderful rainy Sunday in there. And even though not all the trees had become yellow at that point, it still looked wonderful.

Actually, I’m glad that some of the trees were still green, as the color scheme of nature looked even more varied, with different tones of yellow, orange, burgundy and khaki green. The nature was complimented by the colorful, especially fire-red flowers, pinecones and acorns on trees and the ground, droplets of rain on the big leaves, crunchy leaves all around, sea-buckthorns, rose-hips and many other berries on the bushes. The moody sky and rain highlighted all the beauty around, and you could feel how everything is in harmony and intertwined in nature.

Walking through the little paths in the woods made me feel both super cozy and mysterious at the same time. I was constantly waiting for something magical and supernatural to happen, because that’s what the whole atmosphere felt like. Like a part from a fantasy movie, where everything is possible.

Not going to bore you with my thoughts now any longer, just enjoy some of the fascinating sceneries that I managed to capture.



  1. Beautiful! I particularly like the upturned umbrella full of leaves, and the different colour palettes you’ve managed to capture – like you walked through three seasons in one day!

    I love the botanical gardens here in Wellington in New Zealand. If you ever visit, I highly recommend a stroll through them in your isotope season. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.


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