My Top 7 Favorite TV Shows 🎬

I just realized, that I never posted a tv-series list in here, despite the fact, that I really love watching those. So I decided to dedicate the first ever tv-show blog post to my 7 favorite series.

Most of them are quite old and ended many years ago, however I still rewatch them every now and then. So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Friends (1994-2004)

I once made a separate post about Friends, so I guess you can tell, how much I love them. This is my comfort watch, something that will always manage to cheer me up and lift my spirits. It’s positive, funny and also quite motivating and inspiring, especially for young adults, who’re just entering this life and are facing many difficulties in various spheres. It teaches many important lessons about true love, sincere friendship, dreams, being accepted etc.

2. Sherlock (2010-2017)

When I saw one random episode of this version of the famous detective, I was really skeptical, cause when it comes to adaptations, I love things to be as canon as possible. But Sherlock in the modern world? With computers and iphones? It was absurd for me. However, when I gave the show a second chance, I fell in love with it. It’s so intense, amazing, funny and interesting to watch. Benedict Cumberbatch played the perfect Sherlock, and now I can’t imagine anyone else portraying this complicated character. Also I should mention the coolest soundtracks of the show, from which I always get goosebumps.

3. Only Murders in the Building (2021- …)

If you’re looking for a crime show, with the perfect mix of comedy and mystery, then you should absolutely watch this one. It’s about three neighbors investigating murders in their building. It has the greatest humor, cool sarcastic comments and comebacks, and also an interesting detective story, with fast-developing plot. Plus I loved the atmosphere of New-York, which somehow managed to combine the modern and retro vibes.

4. Supernatural (2005-2020)

Fans of fantasy genre will love this show. It tells the story of two brothers, who are hunting every kind of supernatural evil creature. Here you’ll see every possible and impossible magical and mythological things, learn a lot about old myths and legends. The show also conveys many morals, about the concept of good and evil, life, destiny and choices, about family. Got to admit, that there were some boring seasons, but I got really connected with the boys, like we became a little family of our own. Also, the show helped me overcome my fears of ghosts and other supernatural things. Cause when you know how to kill everything, you’re not afraid of them anymore. Even if it’s all just fictional and exists in the imaginary world.

5. Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

Another semi-detective story, which has a special place in my heart. It’s about a group of girls, who start receiving strange texts with threats a year after their friend “mystically” disappears. And now girls have to find out who’s messing with them. I like how it shows both a regular life of teenagers, and the “crime storyline“, with proper investigations and clues. I especially loved watching one episode per week and trying to find out who this mysterious “A” was. Which I successfully did, something I’m still proud of.

6. Downton Abbey (2010-2015)

I started watching this show purely for incredible Maggie Smith and the old period atmosphere. And I loved it. It doesn’t have a strong plot, but there’s always so much going on, so many different characters with their own storylines, that you don’t get bored. It teaches you about those old times, their social rules and standards and how different historical events affected the life of people back then. This show was so kind, yet realistic, that it made me believe in humankind again, because you see, that there are many warm-hearted people, who are always willing to help others. There are plenty of characters in the show, and you get to study and examine the psychology and life history of every single person. You see, that there are no merely good or evil characters, each has its own good and bad sides, their reasons to do whatever they do, and it helps understand people on a whole different, deeper level.

7. Charmed (1998-2006)

Another fantasy show about three (or four, to be more precise) sisters, who discover, that they are witches and now how to fight the evil. The CGI of those times was quite poor, but it didn’t stop the show from being fantastic. Just like Supernatural, this one also introduces as to many various magical creatures, and shows the concept of witchcraft from a different angle. The cast was amazing, as well as the chemistry among actors. You understand that magic isn’t all about fun, as it shows how it completely changes the life of the sisters, and how many sacrifices they have to make in order to help others with their powers.



  1. Thanks for the suggestions. After 9/11, I watched Friends re-runs every day, even though the characters were more my grown son’s age. I found it comforting. I rarely watch TV or series anymore, mostly watch movies. I remember loving the series “Moonlighting”…the beginning of Bruce Willis’s career. I also have enjoyed “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip”. Matthew Perry was in it. A client of mine bought me the DVD’s 🙂 I love “Reservation Dogs” , very worth watching. And Park’s and Recreation 🙂 I did watch all of the old “Sex and the City” although their lifestyle wasn’t mine, ever, I appreciated the friendships and loyalty they had for each other.


    • thank you! yeah I also watch Friends a lot, especially since they always show it on TV. So whenever I don’t have anything else to watch I always go back to them,, I’ll definitely check out your suggestions! ♥️

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  2. This list gives me such tumblr vibes, especially with Supernatural and Sherlock! Loved both of them too. Only murders in the building I haven’t watched, but I will make sure to put it on my list 🙂

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  3. I’m thrilled you are a fan of the Winchester brothers. Me too! Supernatural is the only one from your list that would appear in my top 10 tv shows.


  4. This is a good list of TV series. My favorite 2 are in your list, that is Sherlock and Pretty Little Liars. Although I love Sherlock more because he is just a great actor, the way he acts in that show is amazing, he solves the crime better than a regular police officer, he also once was an actor in an animation movie , I forget it though, his real name is Benedict Cummberbatch 💯💯🔥


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