Do We Really Need Schools? 🏫

The short answer is yes, but in reality this matter is much more complicated.

Before I start with this topic, I just wanna say, that whatever I write about education system is from my own experience. I graduated from school 8 years ago, and maybe some things have changed throughout this time. Or maybe they’re different in other countries, idk.

First things first, I have to admit that I hated school. Even though I had very close friends, with whom I had a lot of fun, I still hated it. I was a night owl, and waking up early in the morning was a torture for me. I could never understand why we needed to learn all these numerous subjects or what they’re going to give us. I dreamed about my school being exploded every single morning, and when I got sick, I was the luckiest kid ever. I think many can relate to this.

Now, of course, I think differently. If there was a time machine I’d really love to go back to school, at least for a day or a week, to experience all that once again. I understand, that school indeed has lots of good sides. The problem is, that all these advantages are presented upside down, so they automatically become drawbacks.

But if you think about it, school should have been the best thing that happens to people. It gives us discipline. It teaches us to be organized, it gives us a full, comprehensive understanding of everything that exists (for free btw, not taking into consideration the private schools ofc). It gives us possibility to get into the social world, find friends, learn to have different relationships, start solving our own problems and slowly step into the big world.

I think the main problem of school is that it starts way to early. In our country kids go to school at the age of 6 and from the first day they are required to sit still for a few hours and start learning multiple subjects at once. This can cause a big trauma, because kids are being taken away from their childhood and immediately forced to act in a certain manner. They’re all required to think the same way and forget about their individuality and original mindsets. Then, once they slowly get used to their new life in elementary school, they transfer to middle school and the amount of hard subjects suddenly gets so much bigger. I remember when I went from 4th grade to 5th one (or to be more precise, 6th one, but it’s too long to explain), I got loaded with a bunch of new, unknown subjects. I spent 2 hours reading the texts and ended up not understanding a single thing.

And that’s the next main problem. People want to educate kids like grownups. They don’t seem to understand, that it’s all too difficult and not important for kids. I mean even parents, who want to help their kids with their homework, most of the time don’t comprehend what’s written in the textbooks. These same subjects could have been more suitable for children and young teenagers, so it’s not only understandable but also interesting for them. Because kids at that age could care less about maths, historical events and physics, especially when they come with hard terminology, definitions and thousands of numbers to remember. That’s why once they’re done with school, they instantly forget everything they’d learned for years and never want to study ever again. So I guess you can say, that’s all those sufferings are pretty much in vain.

The third problem is, that school doesn’t give us any practical knowledge. They don’t teach pupils about life, relationships, ethics and morals. They teach us how to find the surface area of a triangle, but don’t talk about human nature, our psychology. They don’t prepare us for the adult life, they don’t talk about rent, jobs or salaries, or teach us how to cook, iron the clothes or hammer a nail. Isn’t it more important in the real world? I understand that people must have the elementary education, but let’s be honest, have you ever used those complicated math or chemistry formulas in your daily life? If you’re not a specialist, of course. But instead, how many of us didn’t know the simple things about being independent, like doing the laundry or cleaning the house. How many of us didn’t know what to do, when we were sad, depressed or betrayed?

Imagine, if school combined all that knowledge. If it taught us the scientific subjects in a very interesting, yet easy way, so we’d actually understand what we were reading, and not just learn the texts by heart. Then we’d definitely remember all that cool information for the rest of our lives. If we learned the basic maths, a few languages, literature. Those, who wanted to go deep into linguistic, geology or mathematics could take advanced lessons, but they wouldn’t be mandatory for those, who’d choose other subjects.

But most importantly if we learned about life and how to solve its problems. If we were taught to be nice, kind to each other, polite, understanding, accepting, tolerant. If we were taught to care for one another, for helpless animals or our nature. The world would be in such a better place if that happened.

I know this sounds like a fantasy genre. Maybe in an utopian world we’d get that. Sadly it doesn’t work that way in this ordinary world. But maybe some things are up to us for changing?



  1. I agree with you about what school should be like. Because we, as a society, believe college is very important, school prepares kids for going to college and not life.

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  2. I completely agree with you, the school does not give any knowledge about life, therefore we do not know how to live and build relationships with others, with the world and with ourselves🙃 good post😍


  3. I agree. Rudolph Steiner’s Waldrof education doesn’t teach academics to children until they are 7 or older, using rhythm and music to teach them up to that. I had a degree in education and it seems that every year they are pushing academics earlier and earlier Plus, in the US, Bush JR pushed education to teach for tests, so any real education stopped then. Present education like most systems in the world are very dark. It is designed so everyone thinks the same way, not allowing for gender, culture, interest etc. A true education would include music, rhythm, art, physical education ..not just sports, learning conflict resolution, self esteem, communication skills, thinking skills, compassion, teaching kids how to learn so they could pursue what is innate for them, and fostering their skills and interests. There would be more teachers to students so a small ratio, without kids being required to not move, stay still all the time. Movement and music help learning. Meditation and other self reflective and calming techniques would be taught. And forget “new math”. That stuff is insane, as if it was designed by someone on hallucinogenics.

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    • that’s absolutely true! we had those lessons, but they were taught really badly,, even with art lessons we had rules, and those who didn’t follow them, were criticized and got bad marks,, but kids do need all those kind of interesting and beneficial “subjects” ♥️

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      • Often now in schools art, music and even PE are taken out due to “budget cuts”, and forget things like conflict resolution, meditation and calming techniques etc. US schools especially are way behind other countries. And I agree about how things are taught with the teacher defining what is “art” and what isn’t. I didn’t take High school art for that reason, as the teacher made kids follow her artistic style.


      • I know that in some schools in Armenia the teachers just canceled those subjects and instead taught more mathematics or languages, which is absurd 🤦🏼‍♀️

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  4. “They don’t teach pupils about life, relationships, ethics and morals.” Sadly, this tends to be true in the US now, but it was not so when I was in elementary school (age 6-12, first to sixth grades). About the time I entered high school, “elitist” education ideas were first being floated; criticism of founding principles; denigration of religious views; exaltation of science as “the answer to all man’s problems.”

    Before that we were taught that sex outside marriage was not just wrong; it was dangerous. Friendships and personal responsibility for one’s choices were emphasized. Equal opportunity was highly valued, not equal outcomes. Respect for all, regardless of educational ability were ingrained; one did not make fun of those less fortunate. We were taught that if someone was less fortunate, they became OUR responsibility to help.

    Now, children in grade schools are taught to choose their own gender (disregarding the science of how they were born) and don’t tell your parents or they might not understand; i.e., YOU know better than your parents. If anyone disagrees with you, isolate him/her/it, and humiliate them on social media unless they change their views. Sex should be enjoyed at any age without restrictions of who or what you have sex with! And if you were born white, you have to recognize how “privileged” and evil you are.

    Most college education continues to foment unrecognizable views to those raised before 2000. Shout down anyone who does not agree with you, even in law schools which are “educating” future lawyers and judges! “The world is going to hell in a handbasket.”
    BUT there is salvation in Jesus, called the Messiah or Christ. And He will give one peace even in these troubled times.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


    • you are really lucky then! it’s really frightening how easy people can manipulate and brainwash little kids, so they’ll make lots of mistakes without even understanding,,

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  5. School and education in general deserves a blog, not a single blog post 🙂 , where does one even start?
    I agree that schools should make all knowledge more relevant to real life. However, to those people who say that they don’t need sciences I would say that these are the blocks with which our universe is build. On a practical level, if you have no knowledge or respect for, say, chemistry, you may start mixing wrong household cleaning products for a superb cleaning job, inhale and die.
    As for the question in the post’s title: no, technically, you don’t need a school to get an education. Homeschooling is popular now. Another important way is self education (not for primary school, obviously). Some of the most successful people in all sort of fields are selftaught.
    In my opinion, parents should not attempt to outsource their children’s education completely. Schools have limitations. All of them, even private ones. I disagree that they can teach things like relationships. That’s to be done at home. Is there something your school does not provide, like piano lessons? Find your child a teacher yourself.
    I also happen to think that 6-7 is the right age to start school, it’s too late after that; spare a thought for those starting school as four year olds (UK) . But I agree that lessons at this age should be more flexible.


    • thanks for your comment! I didn’t mean, that we don’t need those sciences, quite the contrary! we need to learn their basics but at a more appropriate age, when we’ll truly understand what’s written,, also instead of solving some chemistry exercises, we should be taught the thing you say, how not to mix up wrong things and die haha 😂 as for the age, it’s just quite cruel that kids are being kids, and one day they’re required to sit for 4-6 hours still and learn multiple objects at the same time,, they should be taught one thing at a time, so their brains won’t explode with new information and situations


  6. Interesting thoughts. Particularly about teaching “kindness”.
    Now school? I wouldn’t know. I only went to school in senior High. (What a shock)
    Then followed up with University… (but I did escape the drag of everyday boredom…) 😉

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