Another Summer Wrap-Up 🌻🍃

“Every summer has its story”.

It is indeed true. Summer isn’t my favorite season (in fact, it’s my least favorite time of year), but still it always feels different than the rest seasons. It’s like it has its own life, its separate atmosphere and story, which is different every year.

I wouldn’t say that this summer was the best, but it was the most unique one. It created a whole new routine, like life went on in a different level. It had lots of amazing and beautiful moments, which I tried to capture as much as possible. Because, like I said in one of the previous posts, photos make memories immortal.

I guess I can describe this season as a rainbow, cause it was full of all the brightest shades, like a whole color scheme. And even though I’m more than excited for autumn to arrive, a part of me will miss the careless and free atmosphere of summer and will cherish these memories forever.

I hope the photos that I took throughout these few months will able to tell the story and transfer the atmosphere much better, than I do.



  1. It seems that all the colors are present in your beautiful photos, but the predominant colors are yellow-beige and aquamarine. May this range bring you good luck!


  2. Anita and I are with you on summer being our most UN-favorite season! We’ve become spoiled in my retirement by not going outside in the heat. That said, your photos are beautiful.
    I recall putting a up a fence one July with my former partner. We dug the first two post holes with a gas-powered two-man augur. As we moved the machine for the third post, John looked at me sweating, then at his own matted shirt and jeans, and commented, “You know, C.A., you could not tell the difference if you dipped us in a pool!” 😰 We were so soaking wet!
    We’ve been walking outside as the temps have lowered to 65-70⁰F (18-20⁰) in the early mornings.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


    • Yeah, I understand! I also try not to go out much in the hot daytime,, it’s still +37 Celsius in here, but next week we’re promised to have cooler weather 🙏🏻

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