How to Recognize Drama Queens 👑

Let’s talk about drama queens today. I’ve been wanting to make a post for a long while, and now I feel like the time’s arrived.

I reckon you can guess from the name who these people are. And most probably you’ve met at least one drama queen in your life. They’re always surrounded by drama, there’s some feud going on with their parents, siblings, friends, colleagues… They always have tea to spill, lots of gossip to tell. Funnily enough, even though they are a huge magnet for drama, they always play the victim, blaming others and the world for all the misfortune and bad things that happen to them. They like to play pretend, that they’re so nice, polite and positive, and somehow they’re often misunderstood and “involuntarily” involved in drama. People, who surround them, are always toxic, envious of their achievements and generally just bad human beings.

I guess you’ve got the general idea. I like to divide the drama queens into two categories. The first ones are actually really nice people, who are indeed misunderstood and not accepted in society. That makes them feel angry, irritated, guilty inside their hearts, and that’s exactly why they attract all these negative situations or people. They can look like they’re quite mean, but in reality they are truly pure at heart and want peace by all means. Sadly they can’t have a peaceful outside, when their inner world is raging like a hurricane.

The second type is the exact opposite: they always make sure to look all nice and cute, like they’re literally angels straight from heaven. But in reality it’s just a mask that professionally conceals their true essence. They are the ones, who create havoc around them, but somehow they either don’t realize it, or think that it’s okay for them to do it.

The thing is, that these type of people consider themselves the center of the universe. They think they’re higher and more important than the Queen or Pope and they deserve to get a special “royal” treatment. Everyone must be nice to them, everyone must do anything as they please. Their Highnesses must never be faced with any problems or difficulties that ordinary mundanes or peasants do, like traffic, someone suddenly hitting them when passing by or a cold service at the restaurant. If you say sth about their abnormal behavior, they’ll of course deny everything, saying that they only complain, cause they’re a customer, and a customer should always be right and deserve a respectable service.

Usually drama queens always seek for wealth, popularity and high status in society, because they actually believe, that by getting all that, they’ll become more powerful and get a special attitude. However, no matter how rich or famous they become, they’ll always encounter rude people, betrayals, gossips and unfortunate events. They’ll get a cold and tasteless meal in the most expensive restaurant. There’ll be a spider in their luxury suite room of five-star hotel. The beach will be dirty, the traffic will still exist, the cab driver will be impolite, the neighbor’s dog will bark only at them…

The worst part is, that these people always try to “lure” their close people to their side. You don’t realize it at first, but one day you’ll just notice, that all of a sudden you’re too surrounded by jealous and toxic people, that you start getting bad services, and that negative situation become more and more frequent. That’s the “hazard” of drama queens.

In reality, they’re actually really unhappy people. They can have all the money in the world, good friends and family, a cool job but they’ll never notice and appreciate that. Their attention will always be focused on the negative things, that’s why they seem to meet only those. Cause we’re all people, and things happen to all of us, whether good or bad. It’s our choice, whether we will just ignore them and learn lessons from an unpleasant situation, or become obsessed with those, and start living in a “life’s so unfair” mode.

We get what we attract. It doesn’t mean, that positive people only attract good and jolly events, absolutely not. Life doesn’t work that way. We need to see both sides to make the biggest decisions in our life: whether we want to have a constructive or destructive mindset. Yes, positive people also get a bad service, they can also be betrayed, or get a bug in their meal. They can be upset about it for a while, even complain a little, but then they move on with their lives without making the smallest difficulties or discomforts a tragedy.

Why did I decide to write on this topic? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe cause a teeny tiny part of me believes, that even the meanest people sometimes can understand things and actually change. Maybe not. I guess I just like analyzing different types of people and try to understand the source of all type of human misery.



  1. Very accurate description, bravo, 😍 There are two types of people – bees, who even find a flower in manure and enjoy it, 😊and flies, who even in the flower garden of Eden, find manure😢

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  2. Don’t forget about “drama princes,” as women do not have a closed market on these phenomena. 😒
    Wrote a wise man once: “All get what they want. They do not always like it.” (C.S.Lewis)
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


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