Writer’s Block: How to Overcome it 💻

Writer’s block. Every author or content creator is familiar with this “monster”. It arrives once in a while and creates chaos, disturbing all the magnificent plans or interesting topics.

Lately I’ve been visited by this little enemy. I’ve been writing so much for my job, that I got unmotivated to post here and didn’t even have a topic to write about. So I decided to outsmart the situation and post about writer’s block. Or, to be more precise, about things that can help to overcome it.

1. Understand its source. This is the most important thing to do – to analyze yourself and find the source of the “lazy period“. Maybe you’re just tired and need some rest or don’t want to spend too much time online and need a digital detox. Perhaps you’re already working on other projects and don’t have creative energy left for something additional or don’t know how to juggle a few things simultaneously. Maybe you’re stuck, because you’re done with the old similar content and want to invent something new, and just haven’t found your ideal niche yet. There can be numerous reasons, and understanding the right one will start the process to finding the solution. One of my reasons is that I have multiple hobbies, and writing is one of them. Sometimes I get too involved in other hobbies, and dedicate less time to this one.

2. Do nothing. Really, not joking. Give it time and don’t put pressure on yourself. Take a break, relax, do other things that inspire you at the moment and forget about the existence of this problem. If it’s truly your passion, you’ll always find a way back to it with brand new ideas.

3. Write for yourself. Write in a diary or phone notes. Or even discuss some interesting topics in your head. Try to understand, what are the things, that you want to talk about, to share with others. It’s a little experiment that will help you understand yourself much better.

4. Read your old content. In this world old is the brand new. Read what you were writing a year or three years ago. What was motivating you at that time? Maybe you’ll find a source of inspiration, something you’ve forgotten about. I’ve always said that past memories can become a great fuel for your present and future.

5. Write what interests you. What’s the thing that you’re the most passionate about? Start writing about that and don’t pay attention, whether it’s trendy or not, whether its algorithms are high or low. For instance, if you love writing recipes, but your last few posts were already all about food, it’s natural, that you’ll want to make a more diverse post, so that it’ll interest your audience. But when you’re in a writer’s block, you should put all those things aside and prioritize your interests until you’re back in the game again.

5. Find inspiration. Whether it’ll be from a book or movie, a conversation with a friend or another content creator. Internet is a great place to “recharge” creatively and re-find the things that will move you. One important moment though: if you’re gaining inspiration from another creators, make sure not to copy others and merely be inspired. This truly helped me. I was scrolling through the posts of another cool blogger, and I instantly thought of 4 new topics, that I can write about. And the funniest thing is, that she didn’t write anything close or related to the topics that occurred in my head. I guess my subconsciousness just attracted a flow of creativity like a magnet.

6. Don’t feel guilty. This is also very crucial. Just because you haven’t written in a week or a month, doesn’t mean that you’re a bad blogger or that you should quit. Don’t feel guilty about that. It happens with every artist, every creator. Life comes in periods, and just because you’re in a deserted one, doesn’t mean that it will always stay like this. Just get some patience and live your life without any guilt or accusation.




  1. I absolutely agree with you. Stagnation happens to everyone, very good advice, thanks😍


  2. Hi, dear one.
    Another idea is to look for a resource for inspiration. The Bible provides a WEALTH of material on almost any subject! With 66 individual short books, almost every subject under the sun is there, from creation, betrayal, love stories, sacrifice, hatred, envy, blessing and cursing; from high level philosophy to sex advice! It’s all there to provide an excellent rule for life and practice…. and good writing inspiration! 😉
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


  3. I especially like the tip – Read old posts. I’ve been blogging since 2009 or 10, starting on one site, then when that one shut down, moving it all over to WP. When I’m reminded of old posts via FB memories (one of the few things I like about FB anymore), it reminds me I have A LOT of content from over the years, with 2 blogs. Also, since I’ve been on the road for getting close to 10 years, hundreds of photos on my laptop. It seems a shame to just leave all that behind and never bother to look at it.

    Hope you are having a great summer!


    • wow, that’s amazing! I’m glad the it helps you jot to give up! I’ve been blogging since 2014, and I also love rereading my past posts. Thanks 😍


  4. Quite an interesting read & sharing…but I really don’t know & understand what writer’s block is…it doesn’t mean that I write every day…it’s more that I write when a poem comes to me…natural & free flow…it’s my way of looking at things…it’s like sometimes we talk & sometimes we remain silent…both have their beauty & significance 💫


    • I guess you just described a writer’s block in an artistic way haha! It’s the period, when nothing comes to your mind. And if you’re a blogger, who needs to post something regularly, that can sometimes become an obstacle. But it’s also beneficial because your takes a break and gets ready for something new 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, not at all…a block is an obstruction…an obstacle…a hindrance…people get worried due to this…they even force write…there are infinite things to write about if one needs to post something regularly…I don’t write for the sake of simply writing…there’s no need in me…I think, it’s more about the need & priority…I’m only sharing my view…different people, different views, right? 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • I absolutely agree with you! I’m just like that, if I feel that I don’t have the muse to write, I don’t, even if I try to post regularly,, that’s why I think we should just accept those periods and try not to care or feel guilty about it 😄

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