Thoughts on Eurovision 🎤

For those who may not know Eurovision is the biggest (and maybe even only, idk to be honest) musical contest for European countries.

Everyone with their right mind have always known, that’s it’s something more than just fun. It’s all about politics. The points, that are given to the performers are simply based on how those two countries relate to each other, whether they’re in good or tensed politica relationships. The countries give the highest points to their allies, kind of making a statement to the world and showing who their alliances are and whom they support. It has always been like that.

But this year the contest surpassed itself and showed its true colors. The choice for the winner was so obvious and predictable. Everyone has been talking for days and weeks, how they’re going to let Ukraine win simply because they feel sorry for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything, absolutely anything against that country, its people or its song. It just seems unfair that the song won not because it was really great, but because of a pity. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who understands this. All the Eurovision social media pages are flooded with comments of how unfair the results were. Not to mention the violation of Ukrainian performance (apparently they said or showed sth political, how ironic). Some people think, that singer from UK had the best voice, the others are convinced that Spain should have won. I personally liked Spain the best tbh.

What’s the point of having a huge musical contest, spending millions of money and time on preparations and then making the winner based on the tragic events that are happening in that country? Wouldn’t it be easier and better to announce still in March, that due to these hard times, we support Ukraine, consider it as a winner and send all the money we’d have spent on making show to refugees, charities and people in need? I think that would have been a much better and honest decision.

Also, it’s funny, how everyone know suddenly understood that the contest is politicized, but when they disqualified Russia no one seemed to care. But why should normal artists be excluded from the list because their government has decided to play war? It’s so wrong judging ordinary people, people who have no power in what’s the head of their countries want to do. I never judged all Azerbaijanis when we had a war, because I understood, that it’s not their fault. Most of them didn’t want that war as much as we did. And especially if you’re hosting a MUSICAL contest, why are you canceling one country and letting another country win based on their inner war? To show who you support? Well, that just proves my point that Eurovision is no longer that fun song contest it used to be years and years ago. It’s all about politics.

By the way, I’m not complaining because I thought my country Armenia’s going to win. Absolutely not. For the first time in many years I really loved our song, it was very unique and was in my favorite rock-indie style. The song has been on repeat in playlist since it came out (March or February, I don’t recall now). But I knew that it’s not going to win, firstly because it’s more chill and specific, while people love more upbeat and fun songs, which is totally normal. And secondly, even though the song itself and the vocal skills of the singer were amazing, the performance kinda sucked. They built a wall, like a room, so most of the viewers didn’t see the performer until almost the end. Simple psychology, you build a wall between you and your audience – don’t expect then to have their voices and love, because you just separated yourself from them.

Again, want to clarify, that I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful towards Ukraine, I don’t have anything against them. Their song was alright, had a good meaning, and I just wished they won due to their talents and not the tragic events in their country. There were other, better ways of showing support, both financially and emotionally. No one wants a charity victory. I know that, because Armenia won the Junior Eurovision of 2021, and even though I liked that girl and her song, which was something new and fresh, a big part of me reckons that she won mostly because the world felt sorry for us and our war in 2020. So I just know how it feels, and I’d love to think that we won last year only because people really enjoyed our song and performance, and not because of pity.

I don’t know why I decided to write a post, especially that I didn’t even fully watched the whole contest. I guess I just had a lot on my mind and didn’t know where else I can put my thoughts into words. But that’s what a blog is for, isn’t it?



  1. Much in our world is gradually turning into politics and is evaluated accordingly, unfortunately. But I’m sure sooner or later everything will be back to normal.😍


  2. Thank you for pointing out how politicized this music contest has been in the past and especially now. I agree that Russia’s contestant should not have been shut down. World politics are so manipulated now. I know that it has always been the case, but it is becoming more and more transparent. My brother used to like to play the game “Risk”, when we were kids and I never liked it because even then it showed me what a game world politics are to those in power. And it is never really about what they say it is about, nor is the story line truthful. Nor is it really about helping the people in that country,…it is about power and greed.


    • you’re absolutely right! Instead of big talks, people and organizations could have just silently helped those, who need it at the moment,, I don’t think that a victory in a musical contest will help those, who are under fire in shelters, or people who lose their close ones,, we need to sort out the priorities and understand what’s right and wrong

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  3. Dear AnnMary, it seems EVERYthing is politicized these days, from racial issues in my country to vaccines to whether or not to wear masks, to protests at our Supreme Court Justices’ homes! It is not surprising that politics would enter Eurovision, which I agree is a shame for both the “winners” and “losers.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


  4. Actually nowadays everything is going under politics and it’s spreading so rapidly at every part of our society! Well shared.


  5. That’s what a blog is for. You’re right. I’ve “known” Eurovision for a long time, though I haven’t seen it a veeeery long time. Most times decisions seem to be… organized… let’s leave it at that.


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