Dew After Rain ⛈

Yet another “pointless” photo post.

One my favorite activities, that was acquired recently, is going on a “dew-hunt“, a term that I made up just now. Since it’s my favorite season of heavy rainstorms and lush green, which gets even more saturated after each rain session, I couldn’t miss the chance of going out for long walks every day. But this time, instead of simply enjoying the abundance of greenery, looking on the world through puddles and inhaling all the fresh air, and feeling it “cleanse” my whole soul, I decided to have a new purpose for these walks. And that is the dew-hunting, looking for dew, or water droplets on leaves, grass and even flowers.

There’s something very curious about these tiny droplets. Despite their small sizes, they seem to contain a whole world inside them. They all look the same at first sight, but just like flowers on trees or snowflakes, they’re all unique and one of a kind. Maybe it’s just me, but I actually feel like they’re concealing something magical and mysterious.

I love how they reflect the not only the leaf or grass that they’re on, but also the rest of the scenery, like a magnifying glass.

Like I said, this was a short, “nonsensical” post, mainly focused on photography, rather than deep thoughts. I just got back from another walk, and decided to capture and “immortalize” the multiple photos that I took, as well as my mood and inspiration.



  1. Your posts are never pointless. Whenever it rains here, since we are in a severe drought right now and we really need some rain, I too go out and look for the leftover drops on plants and other items which hold onto those drops. Your photos are refreshing.


  2. Gorgeous photos that tell a story more eloquently than words. Deep thought can come across in deep photography. Thanks for posting your beautiful images.


  3. Lovely photos. I also enjoy the magic and beauty of drops of rain on plants. Even drops of rain on the window seem magical. Noticing details of nature is never pointless.


  4. Beautiful photos of the magic of God’s creation.

    Create. Observe. Reflect. A cycle which bears much fruit for us all.

    Keep on keeping on being awesome. 🧡


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