Films with Spring Atmosphere 🌱 📺

I just realized that I never wrote a post with spring films, although I intended to. So here we are.

Movies are one of the best ways of getting inspired, cause they combine many factors that can influence on your mood – the music, the picturesque sceneries, the lighting, interesting plot and characters… They’re a great escape from reality to very fascinating and peculiar places, where you can feel like one of the characters.

I’ve already talked about some of the films in this list, that’s why I won’t talk separately about them this time. Most of these movies display the old eras, which in my opinion, are just perfect for spring. There’s something about the lightness of their atmosphere and air that always gets me in the spring mood, even if they’re set in another season. Maybe it’s their floral, pastel colored dresses, beautiful parks and forests, which appear quite often in such movies. Idk. But I truly think they’re the best for this season.

I’ll just present the films in bunches, with some general characteristics and photos, hoping that you’ll find sth good for you.

Since it’s Easter this Sunday, I want to start with these three movies:

  • Hop” 2011
  • Peter Rabbit” (and “Peter Rabbit 2“) 2018/2020
  • Miss Potter” 2006

The first one is all about Easter, in and out, while the next two just have the right atmosphere – breathtaking nature, a farm with cottagecore vibes, vegetables and lots of cute animals.

The second group are movies related to Jane Austen. There’s something indescribably mild, peaceful and ambient about Austen’s books and their movie adaptations, as well as the biography film about Jane herself. Some of these films are a big tradition of mine to rewatch them every spring.

  • Pride and Prejudice” 2005
  • “Northanger Abbey” 2006
  • “Emma” 1996
  • “Sense and Sensibility” (both movie and BBC mini-series) 1995/2008
  • Becoming Jane” 2006

I call the next category “adaptations of childhood favorites“. Some of them have a little darker vibes, which is my favorite for the gloomy days, when the sky’s dark grey and the everything else is lush green. These are:

  • Alice in Wonderland” 2010
  • “Maleficent” (“Maleficent 2”) 2014/2019
  • “Beauty and the Beast” (or the French adaptation – “La belle et la bete”) 2017/2014
  • “Christopher Robin” (as well as “Goodbye Christopher Robin”) 2018/2017
  • “Into the Woods” 2014

They have a fantasy, magical and even mysterious air in them, as well as awesome scenes of nature and of course great soundtrack.

The last group is more random and it involves both book adaptations and biographies:

  • Colette” 2018
  • “Little Women” (the BBC mini-series) 2017
  • Jane Eyre” 2011
  • “Tolkien” 2019
  • “Madam Bovary” 2014
  • “Victoria” 2013
  • “Atonement” 2007

Some have a happy ending, some don’t, but all movies are equally great and pleasant to watch, since they have everything for the perfect old-era atmosphere- antique mansions with most beautiful parks, dresses, traditions, cozy cottages, and once again – wonderful nature.

This list became something a little weird and “all over the place“, cause they were of different genres and ranks, so it was hard to classify them properly. Plus I had to eliminate my list, as there are so many more movies that never fail to inspire me for this season and have great spring atmosphere as well. But I guess this was enough for today.

p.s. Happy Easter 🐣🐇🌿



  1. Anita and I have seen most of these movies, but I doubt that Hop has much to say about the Resurrection! 😂
    We loved both Peter Rabbit movies, and most of the others that we have seen on your list.
    Loved Tolkien, both the man and the movie.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    Liked by 1 person

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