Happy Palm Sunday 🌿

Today is Palm Sunday in Armenia. And for the first time in my life I went to church on this day to participate in celebrations.

I’m not that religious, but I do love some of the religious traditions and celebrations, because just like holidays, they kind of unite people. And they make one more day stand out.

I don’t really know how people celebrate Palm Sunday in other countries, but here people go to church, listen to liturgy, buy holy branches, take them home. The branches are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the household. You leave them in the house for a year, until the next Palm Sunday.

Despite massive crowds, too much sunshine and hot weather, I still enjoyed this day. Everything felt so inspiring and positive, I loved all colorful flowers, willows, wreaths and rye all around. The whole street was like a flower kingdom, which of course I’d enjoy much more, if there weren’t so many people. But still, everything felt really magical. You couldn’t possibly stay sad around so many bright colors, they instantly light up your mood and day.

This post didn’t really have a point, just wanted to share all these multi-colors and spring vibes with you. Happy Palm Sunday!



  1. Glad you went to a church today, assuming it was a Christian one! 😂
    Of course, magic and superstitions like good luck from palm branches are not part of the truth, but hoping you heard about Jesus and His kingdom that begins in our hearts.
    I never “felt” very religious, either, because Jesus had His biggest problems and opposition from religious leaders of His day. The celebrations in the street with all the flowers are probably closer to the heart of The God Who Is than dry liturgies in many churches. 😉
    However, it is important to reach beyond the good feelings of the day and seek the truths that Jesus presented when He went to Jerusalem 2000 years ago. He still lives at the right hand of God; He loves you more than your own mother and He wants to see you in Heaven when this life is over.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • haha, yes Armenia is a Christian country (first one to adopt Christianity btw),, and I absolutely agree! I liked the colorful flowers part much more haha. it’s easier to feel the higher powers in nature rather than in people’s talks

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