Happy Spring Equinox 🌷🌱

This is the most peculiar spring equinox ever in our country! Why? Because it looks like this ⬇️

I’ve complained so much about our winter not having enough snow, that March all of a sudden decided to compensate that. No wonder why we call this month crazy March. I don’t complain though, I thoroughly enjoy it now.

And even though the mood isn’t very “springy” for me, I still decided to write this post as planned, but make it a little shorter. Today, the duration of daytime starts getting longer, which marks the official start of spring. In order to properly welcome this blooming season, I’ll suggest a few ideas or little rituals of how to celebrate this good day. Let’s start.

1. Buy fresh flowers or plants. Today is the perfect day, it’s Sunday, which means that most people have free time. You can even go to a big flower market in order to get the spring mood. Also, you can buy seeds and do some planting on your own, if you love working with soil.

2. Have I ever written a post, that didn’t include decluttering or cleaning? I don’t think so. You can do a massive cleaning and organizing, or a small one, all depends on you. Throw the old, unnecessary things away, clean the dust, and open all the windows for the fresh air of spring to get into your home. I’m definitely going to do this, though I think I’ll get more snow rather than spring air in the house.

3. Add some spring details. Whether it’s the fresh bouquet or new plants, floral print cushions or green blankets, a painting of flowers, whatever reminds you of this beautiful time.

4. Go for a walk. If you’re having a normal weather, try to notice all the early signs of spring. Enjoy the sun, the light breeze, the chirping of birds. You can even feed the little fellows. And just relax and recharge.

5. Just like with autumn equinox, have a small feast, invite some friends and family over, cook sth tasty, with lots of vegetables and greens. Talk, play games, laugh and just have fun.

Last but definitely not least, be thankful for one season successfully ending and another one beginning. Express your gratitude for your health, life, your close people and everything else in general. And enjoy this beautiful day. I know I will, cause it’s my favorite weather outside no matter what. Happy Equinox! 🌷🌱🌸



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