Rainy Day at Home 🌧

Today I woke up to a heavy sleet (that’s what they call when it simultaneously rains and snows, right?), and got inspired to rewrite this post, which I was initially planning on writing last autumn. We’re having a stormy week, which is my absolute delight, cause I adore the gloomy sky and moody atmosphere.

However for most people this kind of weather is a nightmare, as they often have to cancel their outdoor plans and stay inside, especially during weekend. And ironically, it mostly rains on weekends, doesn’t it?

I, myself love going out in rain, as I love breathing the chill, fresh air and enjoying the slowly blooming nature around and then feeling extra cozy inside. But, sadly, now is not the season for long walks m, since it’s still too cold. So I came up with this little list of things that you can do at home, while waiting for the weather to get warmer. Let’s start.

1. Make Art. I think everyone has heard about art and color therapy, no need to go in details here. And there are so many possibilities here – you can get a coloring book or paint by numbers, you can try to copy an illustration from internet, or draw your own thing, by letting your intuition and imagination guide you with what your soul wants to create. Art really calms your mind, reduces any pains and body tension and just gets you in a better mood.

2. Do Puzzles. This is one of those activities, where you can simply “turn off” your brain and just do the puzzle. Your brain will concentrate on finding the right pieces and all the secondary negative thoughts will just disappear. And it will keep you entertained for sure.

3. Have a movie/series marathon. A great way to escape the reality is having a long marathon. You can rewatch some of your favorite series or movie franchises, or start sth new. Luckily there are plenty of mini series, with around 10-15 episodes, which you can easily finish in 1-2 days. This will help with the “waiting out the storm” process much easily.

4. Do a proper meditation. Make the lights dimmer, lit some candles or aroma sticks for a better atmosphere. You won’t even need to put on special music, cause the sound of wind, thunder and raindrops hitting the roof and windows is already the perfect meditation music for you, created by nature. Just release all your tension and let the energies flow within you. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve been reborn after it.

5. Try sth new. For example, try learning a tiktok dance and filming it. No, I’m not joking. I don’t say you should post it for everyone to see it (I mean you can, if you want), but that’s something fun that you can try. It’ll also make you understand this process better, understand why people do this or what’s so fun about it. Maybe it will inspire you to visit dance classes or learn dancing on your own. Or you can try to make a short movie indoors (even with a phone) or do macro-photography. Find something that is worths being filmed, shoot it and try to edit in in the most professional way possible. Or make a new dish, but not sth simple like pasta or a sandwich, but sth a little more extra. In a word- take a risk and do sth you’ve never done before. It’s a great challenge for you to test out some new abilities and skills of yours.

6. Finish a book. It’s more than possible to finish a book in a day or two. Especially if you have nothing else to do. So, instead of aimlessly scrolling your phone, put it aside and concentrate on reading. Not only is it fun, but you’ll also feel like you’ve done sth important and learned a lot, even if you’re picking a fiction.

7. Play a computer game. To be honest, I can never understand gamers, who spend all their free time on playing games or waste their money to buy tonnes of upgrades or other stuff like that. But I myself love remembering my childhood from time to time and play some good old favorite games of mine. Especially Sims, where I become an interior designer and try to build the perfect house from scratch. It’s a great way to just relax, do nothing but also have fun.

Hope this tiny list will help you overcome the “weather depression“. It’s all about your mindset, if you perceive yourself as a victim of circumstances, anything can just ruin your mood and day. But if you see this as an opportunity to slow down and do sth different and fun, you’ll learn the biggest lesson of this life, and thing will get much easier for you.



  1. I recently was home recovering from surgery and took advantage of the time by finishing two books I had started and put down. I also got to watch come classic shows I have on DVD. I also did a job interview from my bed … not an easy task, but I did. Great blog!


  2. Your favorite weather is mine, too! I love clouds, rain and snow. Add in some winds to rattle the windows and I can read or sleep like a baby.
    ❤️&🙏 c.a.


  3. I read this post at the perfect time because it is raining here as I am on my way to sleep. These suggestions are good ones to keep the mind active in a way which doesn’t remind us we are not able to get outside in the ways we might want!

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you are well this week. ❤️


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