Winter Photo-Recap ❄️

And here it is, the last day of winter.

I know in many countries spring officially starts with Equinox, around March 20-22, but in here today marks the last day of the coldest season.

I won’t even bother to write about how fast time flies, because I feel like I write about that every time. But somehow it never stops surprising me.

I don’t want to write much about what happened in these past months either, because I like doing major recaps at the end of the year.

I guess I just want to share some of the photos I took this winter (or since january, to be more precise), because sometimes photos tell the stories better. They kind of transfer the atmosphere and mood of a certain period, and by simply looking at them, you remember everything that happened, all the good memories.

This winter was relatively snowless, which was a bummer for me, as I was longing for a cold, white winter. But we did have some gloomy and foggy days, which were perfect for my Twilight book and movie marathon. And, even though, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, that the plot could have been much better and more interesting, I was truly under the mysterious and fantasy influence of the saga. So I think the darker color scheme of the photos goes perfectly well with this period.

That’s it for this short and strange post. Enjoy the photos! Hopefully they’ll be able to tell my story better than I did this time.



  1. Very cool! I hope you saved Anita and me a chocolate pop or heart cookie that you can serve with a violin melody. 😄
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


    • thanks! haha sorry, but they’re all long gone😂 as for the violin, I can’t actually play it, it’s my friend’s, I just wanted to take a photo with it😂 I can play piano and guitar though

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