List of Rom Coms for Valentine’s 💌

Here we are, another holiday, the most romantic time of the year. You probably know, that I love everything about seasonal things and holidays, no matter what they are. Same goes for Valentine’s day.

I don’t usually like all these touchy-feely things, I’m quite cold-hearted when it comes to the romantic stuff, but I do like this day as well, with all its festivities, vibes and mood. Mostly single people hate it, cause once again they remember about their singleness, but I think everyone can have some fun on this day. Like having a slumber party, with snacks, games and of course chick flick films.

When it comes to movies, I don’t have a strict genre preferences. I’m not one of those people, who thinks that light and comedic films aren’t proper films, and that only the heavy, sad and depressed dramas or actions with infinite fightings are considered a “real” movie. No, I love the rom coms, no matter how stupid, cliché and cheesy they can be. They’re usually short, funny and generally have a positive, easy-going (if you can say that for a film) atmosphere. They often have some deep meaning as well, which makes them even more interesting to watch, and something new to learn about relationships. So, they’re perfect when at the end of a long day you want to cuddle in a blanket, with a glass of wine and chocolate and totally recharge. You can’t do that with serious films.

And since it’s Valentine’s, I decided to share a list of my favorites chick flicks for you to enjoy on these two days, or whenever really, they don’t have a special theme, except of the first one. I just realized, that they’re all quite old, mostly from 90s-00s, so I think most people have seen them. But that’s one of the pros of rom coms, is that you can rewatch them as many times as you wish.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day, no matter whether you’re single or taken. You can celebrate this day in any possible way, with whoever you want, even with your cat or a dog haha. Happy Valentine’s day!

· Valentine’s Day (how obvious) (2010)

· Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

· Leap Year (2009)

· Two Weeks Notice (2002)

· Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

· When Harry Met Sally (1989)

· The Other Woman (2014)

· You’ve Got Mail (1998)

· Kate & Leopold (2001)

· Serendipity (2001)

· How To Be Single (2016)

· Just Go With It (2011)

· 50 First Dates (2004)

· How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

· The Proposal (2009)

· The Wedding Planner (2001)



  1. You, cold hearted? 🥺🥺. Though it is best to share your love with those you love more than just on Valentine’s Day, today can be the day to be extra special to share that love. So here is a Valentine for you…❤️ to help warm your heart. My all time best romance movie is ” The Lake House”.

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  2. Anita and I have seen your entire list, some twice, which is a stretch for her, because if she remembers too much of it or watching it recently (think 2 years), she says, Ugg, we’ve seen this before. 😊
    And The Lake House, too.

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  3. you nay also like some of the films from the 30s and 40s. i can never remember them, but i happen to be watching one now from 1945 “brief encounter” from the 30s is “one way passage” 50s “an affair to remember” which is a remake of the 30s movie “love affair” which is also good but i like the 50s version better. since i am a hopeful romantic…. lol

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  4. i know this post is about rom/coms and the movies i suggested are not really comedies but are romantic (dramas). i am reminded of another good romance movie, “one day”

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  5. Your list seems an interesting choice surely will check some of them, I have watched just one among them 50 first date and yeah it’s really an awesome one 😁


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