Annual Recap: 2021 🎇

Here we are, the 5th annual rewind of the year, which has been a traditional post since 2017.

This year feels to be blended with 2020, and not just for me. I’ve seen people saying the same thing again and again, that after 2020, the concept of time kind of disappeared. If someone asks me about the corona and lockdown, I will say “well it happened just recently“, while in reality it’ll already be 2 years of it in March. Same with personal memories, sometimes I mix memories of 2020 and 2021, and it takes me a while to remember what happened when.

One thing is sure-the world has changed. Some see positive changes, and sometimes I envy them, because what I see, is the world going more and more crazy. But that makes me appreciate my life and what I have even more. What I’ve learned in these past two years, is that nothing is certain and permanent, everything can change in an instant, and we, little humans, don’t have any power or control to do something about it. So what’s left, is living our lives, being present, enjoying every good day and trying to get better, learn more and become much wiser.

You know, when you try to reflect your year, you may at first feel that nothing really happened. Nothing major or grand. Especially when you see everyone showing off their greatest accomplishments in a year, like traveling the world, getting a new job, starting family, buying cars and houses, moving to other countries… And it may feel like your year was empty just because it didn’t involve such a big milestone. But when you start thinking about all the other things that happened, big or small, you understand that your life and your year is full of many amazing memories, and that you definitely had some achievements too.

Same for me. Nothing huge or epic happened this year. But when I collect all the little things throughout the year, I can clearly see that I indeed had a very good time. Let’s rewind some of the things that took place this year: I did some freelance translating, finished two courses and got certificates from University of Pennsylvania, started another two courses, which I haven’t finished yet. Did some redecorations and renovations, got Sammy sterilized and took care of her for a long month. Dyed my hair in all possible shades of blonde, ginger and pink. Got to travel in my country and see many breathtaking sceneries. Celebrated birthdays and different holidays. Watched many movies and tv-shows, read many good books. Got together with my family and friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. Took part in a writing contest, published an online Advent Calendar, posted many blogs, developed my writing, photography/videography skills. Had some small dreams and wishes come true….

Maybe for some people all this will seem insignificant, but I shouldn’t care about that. All I need to know, is that I had a really good time and that’s enough for me.

I think much more changes happened within me, rather than without. I started to understand people, life and things so much better. To the point that sometimes I keep wondering how people not see or understand what’s going on. I started to romanticize my life, and thoroughly enjoy what I have and what I do, even if it’s not “enough“. I started to feel more confident about how I look and what I am like. I’m understanding the rules of “universe” better, and I’m trusting God or higher powers much more, after seeing that what happens or doesn’t happen has their good reasons.

I didn’t have any resolutions this year, nor am I going to make one for 2021, cause I don’t feel like they’re right for me, at least for now. Sometimes people want to take too much control of their lives and kind of replace God or fate, being the only owner. While I believe in fate, and in the fact that what’s supposed to happen will happen no matter what. And vice versa. Of course that doesn’t mean sitting back and doing absolutely nothing, no. You just live your life, do what feels right for your soul, what is good for you, and the results will appear by themselves. Maybe it’s not the best mindset, but that’s what I have now, and as for the future, I have no idea what it holds for us.

Now, I hope that your 2021 was really good. Even if you didn’t have major and significant milestones or achievements. On the last day of this year, just try to remember all the good things that happened with you, and be grateful for those. Give thanks to bad moments as well, because those are the ones that made you better, smarter and stronger. However don’t focus too much on the negative things, even if they were more than the positive ones. Try to see those little good moments, and let them shine through the bad events and guide you into a better future.

Wish you all a Happy New Year! Let it be really great, happy and prosperous for all of us! ✨ See you somewhere in January! ❄️



  1. Happy 2022! I wish you good health and a lot of sun! I understand your attitude to what is happening in the past year. Indeed, the time frame is blurred because of the feeling that you are living temporarily, as you are waiting for a return to the past. But life has changed, and it would be good to accept this and look into the future with open eyes.
    I am not surprised at your excellent achievements – you can feel it in your publications. I hope that the new year will delight us with new meanings, discoveries and surprises, which we will successfully cope with.

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    • thank you so much! I’m really flattered! I agree, luckily or sadly it’s impossible to bring the past back, so we need to live in the present and believing in a good future! Wish you all the best in New Year! ♥️✨🎄

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  2. I feel very similar about 2021, many productive projects started and finished, some still going, a lot of thinking and unexpected insights. Serious challenges always inspire new ways of life.

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  3. Agree! It’s important to celebrate the small moments even if they don’t feel like much. After all in this crazy world we live in, those small achievements and experiences take on a bigger importance. It’s good to remember though that in every year, pandemic or not, it’s the small things that get us to big places. Happy New Year!

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    • couldn’t agree more! big moments are also amazing, but we won’t notice them if we don’t learn to appreciate the small ones♥️ have a great year ahead! ♥️✨

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  4. My last New Years Resolution that I made in 1969 was: “Resolved, I will never make a New Years Resolution again,” and I have faithfully kept this one for 41 years!! 😀
    Happy New Year, Ann Mary, and may you be blessed beyond your expectations in 2022!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    • haha! great one! I don’t say never, because I don’t know what will happen in a year, maybe I’ll decide that resolutions are good for me again 😂thanks a lot! have a great new year!😄✨

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