You Are Enough ♥️

Haven’t written a random “being inspired” post for a long while.

You most definitely know, that all of us compare ourselves with others, and not in the flattering way. We usually feel ourselves less important, less lucky/beautiful/smart, see our faults with a magnifying glass, and notice only the good things in others. We devalue the things we do, our skills, our creations, just because someone (and doesn’t even matter who, maybe a complete stranger) does it better or more professionally. And that’s one of our numerous problems.

The thing we need to understand, is that we are enough. All of us. Doesn’t matter who we are, what we do and where we’re from. We’re all unique in our own ways. And when we accept our individuality, we become a source of inspiration. People are subconsciously inclined to those, who enhance their uniqueness, with all their flaws, bad and good sides. Because as I said many times before, those are the things that make us stand out. Not the fake covers of ideal people.

Remember, nothing adds to your personality, but your inner qualities. Fancy clothes, expensive cars, fame, money, respectable position and status in society… these things may seem important nowadays, because that’s what empty people made the most important thing in their empty lives, but believe me, they don’t make you special. Your inner charm does. You being good and inspiring others to be good does.

Why such a sudden flow of inspiration? Well, I was watching a favorite youtuber of mine, and her Christmas adventures. For a moment, I, like any other person, thought “well this is a great life she’s having, this is a standing-out content, she’s really inspiring“. And for a short moment I thought about my content, and felt that they’re far from being comparable, all of a sudden, mine seemed so simple and dull compared to hers. And just in that moment, I saw someone commenting me, how watching my video made her feel very festive, inspired and happy, after having a bad day.

And then it hit me. We focus so much on others, and what others do, that we completely ignore what happens with us, and what we do for others. Yes, that other girl indeed had wonderful adventures, her content was interesting, she does have much more subscribers. But it doesn’t have to mean, that I am bad just because she happened to have something a little more than I do.

In that moment I remembered all the other great comments I’ve been receiving, of people telling how much I’ve inspired them. With my same content, which a minute ago was stupidly considered “simple and dull“. And I remembered all of the times I’ve discovered how people actually did something from my advice, from my post, how they tried to do something similar, or have a similar attitude because of me, and I found out about those moments by pure accident. I’m not showing off now, God forbid. I’m just telling, that we don’t really know how many people we’re influencing, by just being ourselves, living our lives and creating or doing something we truly enjoy.

Being a “main character” is a trendy word now, and there are so many materialistic and stupid things this “main character” should have and be. But you know what? We’re all the main characters. All of us, no matter what. Even if you think your life is boring, even if you think that nothing interesting happens to you, or that you don’t have a big audience, or no one cares about, and you’re just a pathetic looser. Those are all destructive evil thoughts, which are the offsprings of constant comparing and jealousy.

Don’t let these negative thoughts take over you. Just remember that you are the main character of your life. You are worth everything, and everything you do is valuable. Just remember that you’re enough, and even more than that. And it’s okay to feel down, because everyone feels that way, it’s a part of being human. Everyone feels insecure, unlucky and sad, even those who fake a perfect life with shining covers and empty pages. Don’t become one of those people. Be yourself, value yourself and your work. We didn’t come here to run like squirrels in a wheel, trying to compete and prove everyone that we’re ideal. Life’s not a competition, life is a journey of each individual. Let your journey be harmonious and happy.



  1. If people were self-sufficient, the world would be more comfortable. The more people understand what you are writing about, the sooner the world will become a better place😍☺


  2. Well written and expressed! You are enough! You are significant! Celebrate you! This is a worthy message you have posted! Happy New Year and please stay inspired and know that you too are making a difference!🤗🌹


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